What is Myrons Mopeds

November 29, 2020

Shaun in 2017

Myrons Mopeds in 2010

Myrons Mopeds is the only moped shop remaining from the 1970’s in southern California. It is operated by Shaun Strahm.



Shaun has serviced thousands of mopeds, daily for 35 years, from 1978 to 2013.

Since 1985, almost daily, he has been sorting and processing thousands of moped parts from dozens of moped shop buyouts, and hundreds of bikes turned into parts.

Since 2013, Shaun has stopped doing service and bike sales, instead focusing on this online encyclopedia and parts sales. His goal is studying, documenting, displaying and explaining every (US model) moped and moped part. 

This website is for your enjoyment and practical use. Thousands of images and hundreds of pages of text, are all free for the public. Enjoy!

If you feel grateful for free advice you received, or for this huge commercial-free website, and you wish to contribute a donation, you can send it by PayPal to myronsmoped@gmail.com. Thank you in advance, from Shaun!