Tomos Stripped Driveshaft

August 12, 2008

On pedal models only, not kick models, during the years 2008-2009, occasionally a driveshaft 223453 would become stripped at the ring of ramps needed for forward pedalling. This can never happen on kick models, because they do not have a ring of ramps. When the ring of ramps becomes stripped, the bike runs fine and kick starts backward fine, but the pedals just spin free going forward and do not propel the bike forward at all.

Left is a 223453 driveshaft brand new. Right is a 223453 stripped at the ring of ramps. No ped, only mo!

Some people live with it like that because it’s expensive to repair. The cast iron chips need to be flushed out, or else one chip can damage any one or even all of the gears. It’s too big a gamble to leave them laying in the bottom back corners of the transmission compartment. If the bike is ever leaned way over, the little iron chunks and bottom oil sludge will be poured over the gears.

More to follow…