Myrons Rides 2003

May 25, 2005

Welcome.  Myrons Mopeds first webmaster, Ray Fales suggested in early 2003, that Myrons Mopeds should have a barbecue, to get together moped people. Owner Shaun considered all the ketchup, mustard, potato salad, folding chairs, forks, hamburgers, buns, paper plates, barbecues, and stuff needed, and instead changed that plan to a group ride with a lunch destination, where everyone would buy their own lunch. That was more fun (riding versus talking about riding) and easier to clean up afterwards. 

After the “Big Ride” happened on June 22 2003. Everyone there had so much fun they all felt we needed to do that again. It was on that Sunday afternoon after the Big Ride was over, that Shaun decided to name it Ride 1, when he first knew there was going to be another ride, and maybe another and another. So the invitation sheet for “Ride 2” was made and distributed to the Ride 1 attendees and to shop patrons. Ride 2 was a repeat of Ride 1.

After Ride 2, Shaun decided to start having the rides go to different, hopefully interesting and fun, places each month. The Myrons Rides were born.


Ride 1   Huntington Beach   Fullerton to H.B.   40 miles 14 riders   June 22 2003 

Ride 1



Ride 2   Huntington Beach   Fullerton to H.B.   40 miles 20 riders   July 27 2003

Ride 2A

Ride 2B



















Ride 3   Brea Canyon   Fullerton to Diamond Bar   25 miles  20 riders   Sept 7 2003

Ride 3A

Ride 3B
















Ride 4   Shoreline Village   Fullerton to Long Beach   42 miles  32 riders   Oct 5 2003

Ride 4A

Ride 4B













Ride 4C

















Ride 5   Balboa Ferry   Fullerton to Newport Beach   49 miles  30 riders   Nov 9 2003

Ride 5A

Ride 5B















Ride 6   Whittier Narrows   Fullerton to South El Monte   40 miles  8 riders   Dec 7 2003

Ride 6A

Ride 6B