September 6, 2011

Helmet Size ChartWelcome to helmets. All of these are DOT approved, so they look big because they have an inch of styrofoam inside the hard shell that cushions your head, just like the bumpers in a modern car. Myrons does not sell “novelty” helmets. Novelty helmets do not have the styrofoam lining, and are not DOT approved, and do not protect your head. They just make your head look small.

Here are “half” helmets, made by THH. Ears are not covered so hearing is not impaired. Has unlimited peripheral vision. Great for under 50 mph in good warm weather. Goggles recommended for over 20 mph.

T69 has a 3-snap-on visor. T70 has a small fixed visor. T68 has no visor.

1. THH T70 white

THH T-69 white XXL $30

3. THH T70 matte black

THH T-70 flat black SXX $30
 THH T-70 flat black LXX $30
 THH T-70 flat black XLX $30

THH T69 wine red XXL $30














THH T-70 white SXX $30
THH T-70 white XXL $30
T-70 silver “tribal” L  $30

2. THH T70 gloss black

THH T-69 gloss black S $30
THH T-70 gloss black M $30
THH T-70 gloss black L $30
THH T-70 gloss black XL $30

T68 helmet

THH T-68 flat black XL $30
(no visor or visor snaps)














Here are the 3/4 shell, or “open face” helmets:

10. THH T380 red

THH T380 red Large $40











flip-up face shield N/A for 3-snap helmets
visor 3-snap black  $5 for 3-snap helmets

Other Accessories

September 5, 2011


License Plate Brackets

License plate brackets (all with 6″ license plate hole spacing):
1. Two-hole rubber-mounted w/ M6 bolt  $8
1a. Two-hole flat plain, without hardware $5
2.  One-hole with lip with M6x12 hex bolt $7
3.  One-hole with lip with M6x12 hex bolt $7
4.  One-slotted-hole with M6x12 hex bolt $7



license plate frame $1



Cable Locks

Left, 1800 x 10 mm with mount, 2 keys $15
Right, 1800 x 14 mm with mount, 2 kets $19



Other Accessories


Part #          Description                         Price                      

150602  chrome spikes “krometts” 1/4″ bolt on $2
107531  cover for storage Covermax Scooter $35
107511  cover for storage Covermax Motorcycle $40
171270  footpegs flip-up square 12mm hole $12
171250  footpegs flip-up round 10mmx25 post $10
236490  footpeg set Tomos Revival & smate $45
000013  footpegs highway pegs for Revival $25 Clamps onto a 7/8 or 1″ bar
546000  kickstand side mount heavy duty $25
632502  tie downs pair black nylon easy kind $12
150511  battery charger 12V automatic Yuasa $40
221601  license plate reflector (button) red $1
221608   license plate reflector (button) blue $1

Baskets & Boxes

September 5, 2011

<<<<<  B A S K E T S   and   B O X E S  >>>>>  These are ones suitable for mopeds. Many others exist.

Part#   #  xxxxxxx  Description xxxxxxxxxx     Price

90052 N basket rear black Sunlite 15x10x5in     $22 

9015   O basket rear tall silver Wald 14x9x9in    $15 

9018   C basket folding black Sunlite 12x7x8in   $25

none   D basket folding giant NOS set w/mount  $60

632627   luggage box locking wine red 12x12x8 $60

632626   luggage box locking black    12x12x8″ $60

619010 I luggage box emgo black detachable     N/A

632622   luggage box black w/lites 16x15x11″   N/A

632875   lock for luggage box 63262x w/keys    $12



August 21, 2011

Mens tee-shirt back and front, bright blue, sizes S, M, L $12,   XL, XXL  $15
Ladies with short-cut sleeves, bright blue medium or light gray large  $10





Tomos shirt, back view
Med, Small   $10