November 29, 2020


This website does not have online ordering. Ordering is by email.

Before ordering parts, your moped’s identity must be known. The year, make, model, version, and serial number are stamped into the ID plate, usually located on the frame behind the headlight. Use the Brand menu to help learn the identity (year, make, model, version, ser#) of your machine and many of it’s components. Be aware there are some false names and remakes.

Email Shaun at myronsmoped@gmail.com to ask questions. Please send pictures of the parts you are asking about. Shaun is often unable to answer many questions over the phone. 

Email Shaun at myronsmoped@gmail.com first, if there are several items or more, or if any of the items are not listed or require investigation. Your itemized order will be listed with prices, and sent in a reply, for your review. Any changes can be made. A revised order is sent in a reply. When it is final, then you pay by email (to PayPal), or by phone (to Myrons) usually.

Payment by email: Ask Shaun to send a PayPal invoice. You don’t need an account to pay. You pay with a payment card, credit or debit. 

Shipping and Terms:  Shipping is by USPS. Small items (small flat rate box or envelope) ship for $9, all 50 states, US Priority Mail, 2-3 days to most areas.