Morini Cables

November 30, 2020


Morini “Motori Franco Morini” is the name of the engine. Only the lower end of the throttle and start cables are for the engine. The cables upper ends are for whatever controls that are on the handlebars. The brake cables lower ends are for whatever brakes the bike has.  The cable lengths depend on the frame and handlebars.


Morini 1-speed start cable and lever

Morini MO1 start cable with original pieces

Morini MO1 and M1 Start Cable:

The original start cable conduit stops at, and moves with the start lever, while the inner cable end is fixed to the engine. This is the opposite way most cables are attached. Usually the conduit stops on the engine and the inner wire attaches to and moves with the start lever. The cable is single ended, so it can slide out of the conduit and be replaced separately.

Some of the original pieces that attach the start cable are not available. Instead there are substitutes, labeled a, b, c, d below. The original pieces would normally be one the bike if the old cable is there. But if the old cable is missing then the attachment pieces would also be missing, or at least some of them.

a. pinch bolt ∅7   $4.00
b. washer 8 x 1   $0.50
c. socket bolt ∅8 $4.00
d. adjuster M6    $1.00


Morini MO1 start cable $10, and pieces a,b,c,d sold separately

start cable attachments a, b, c, d








MO-2 starting mechanism showing original wire clip

MO2 starting mechanism

MO-2 start wire is a bicycle gear wire

MO2 start wire can be
a bicycle gear wire

Morini MO2 Start Cable:








Cables for 1970’s Italian mopeds with Morini engines, Domino controls and Grimeca brakes, are in Malaguti.