Kreidler Cables

November 29, 2020

Kreidler Cables

Kreidler MP9 throttle cable original 255.04.81 xxxxxxxx N/A
Kreidler MP9 replacement throttle cable (with pipe 2g)  $32

Kreidler original thin throttle cable
makes a sharp bend under the cover.






The original Kreidler throttle cable is thinner than all others, with a 4mm conduit instead of 5mm. The thin conduit allowed it to bend sharply above the carburetor.

Replacement cables all have 5mm conduit that cannot bend that much. So they need to have a curved metal pipe like many throttle cables have.

substitute throttle cable


The curved pipe that works best is #2g listed in the Dellorto carburetor parts section. It has M6-0.75 fine metric threads for a Dellorto carb top. Here it is being used on a Bing carb top with no threads. Fortunately the 6mm Bing carb top hole is just the right size to screw-in the Dellorto curved pipe. Slots are ground in the threads so the curved pipe cuts it’s own threads as it is screwed in. Here is what it looks like screwed on to the Kreidler carburetor.

The original throttle cable 255.04.81-28/36 package says it fits type MF (mofa) from 2231921, and type MP (moped) from frame number 2605111.



Kreidler MP9 front brake cable original 255.04.84  $18
Kreidler MP9 front brake cable replacement xxxxx $15

Kreidler brake plates










Kreidler brake plates have special cable stops with 8mm holes instead of 6mm. This makes “universal” cables that fit many mopeds, not fit well on Kreidler. The cable does not stay centered and straight at the cable stop. They need a 8mm “step-ferrule” instead of the usual M6 adjuster at the brake.

Kreidler brakes use Grimeca pinch bolts, like on Italian mopeds. That means the brake arms have 9mm holes with flat sides 7mm. 

Kreidler MP9 rear brake cable original 255.04.85  $28
Kreidler MP9 rear brake cable replacement xxxxx  $15

The original rear brake cable comes with an inner wire that is barely long enough, with only 3.9 inch of exposed length. When installed the end is right after the pinch bolt.

The replacement cable has a more correct inner wire length, one inch longer than original. When installed the end is about one inch past the pinch bolt.

The original rear brake cable 255.04.85-18/14 package says it fits type MF (mofa) from 2217511, and type MP (moped) from frame number 2604893.




Kreidler MP9 start cable original 255.04.79  $30
Kreidler MP9 start cable replacement xxxxx $15

The original start cable upper end has a curved pipe with adjuster. This helps prevent the adjuster from getting broken if it contacts certain handlebars the wrong way. It is not necessary. Most other models do not have it. 

The replacement cable has no adjuster. Adjustment is made by loosening the pinch screw in the hand lever. The modern lined conduit performs as good as the curved metal pipe did, and it never breaks

The original start cable 255.04.79 (with curved pipe) package did not say what it fits.

Another start cable 255.04.79-6/41 (without curved pipe) package says it fits type MF 2 from 2350620, MF 4 from 2257812, MP 2 from 2704941.