April 27, 2009

Welcome to Mopeds A-Z, also known as Myrons Moped Encyclopedia (MME). It is a collection of useful facts for every US-model moped from the 1970’s on, plus many others. MME was born out of the need to identify the year, make and model, and to know what parts it originally came with. Most pages are scanned images of printed page “info sheets” containing pictures, usually black and white line drawings, of the bike and it’s component parts. Other pages are color flyers that are just fun to look at. From 2000 to 2003, these info sheets were condensed out of a wall of manuals, flyers, dealer notebooks, and advertisements, from many moped shop buyouts. For years Myrons has handed out these info sheets to walk-in customers. Now they’re on the world wide web, as a courtesy to all customers, not just locals.


Aug 2015 Update

The Myrons Moped Encyclopedia (MME) has been completely distributed throughout the Moped Info and Parts section. The images now load much faster, but they are no longer all in one place.

In a way, this whole website has become the former encyclopedia.

Every picture is still available, in each of the many brand pages. Any pictures from the encyclopedia that did not fit in, were placed in the More Bikes choice in the More sub-menu.