Garelli Engines

December 26, 2020

Garelli Engines



Early horizontal engine

1970-76 H1 radial

1977-79 horizontal engine

1976-78 H1

Horizontal cylinder engine

1978-86 H1

Horizontal cylinder one-speed engine (H1): Pre-1977 had radial cylinder fins, a 1960’s design. 1976-78 had square shaped fins, a mid-1970’s design, and natural aluminum “angular” side covers. Post-1978 had raised-letter matte black finish side covers.




Gary Engines

1985-93 H1-al and 1986-93 H2k-al












’75-78 Gulp engine G2

Garelli Vertical engine

1978-86 VIP engine V2

Vertical cylinder two-speed engine (G2 and V2): The Gulpmatic and VIP models had an upright cylinder (spark plug pointing up). Most of the engine was different from the horizontal engine on the other models. The front motor mount was in the head. The exhaust header was screw-on, not flange bolt-on. The drive chain was still on the right, unlike most other mopeds.