Garelli Parts

Most Garelli parts are listed in the section for that part type. 

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1. Exhausts

Garelli horizontal cylinder exhausts top view

Garelli 1-speed exhausts:
1. comp. no baffle    $100
2. comp. good cond $150
3. comp. no baffle    $100
4. complete              $120
5. header pipe           N/A
6. header pipe           N/A
7. tail pipe no baffle   $50
8. tail pipe Afranconi  $75
9. tail pipe blk w/rub $80

Garelli 1-spd exhausts bottom view

Garelli 1-speed exhausts
same ones bottom view
1-speed is horiz. cylinder
two 6mm front pipe bolts
two 5mm tail pipe bolts
Garelli 2-spd is vert. cyl
front pipe screws on
one 8mm tail pipe bolt
made by GL Afranconi

Garelli exhaust parts

Garelli exhaust parts
1. two 6mm flange bolts
2. Puch exh. gasket   $5
(must file holes to fit)
3. original rubber  N/A
4. 1″id hose 2″ long $10
5. orig. clamps each $2
(can use hose clamps)
6. original baffle     $12

















Garelli vertical cylinder exhausts top view

Garelli 2-spd exhausts

Garelli 2-spd exhausts
1. comp no rubber $130
2. head pipe no nut  $45
3. head pipe w/nut  $60
4. tail pipe no baffle $35