Testi    made in Italy by Testi    Minarelli V1 engine

History: Testi is an Italian surname that means “texts” or “verses”. Read more at Registro Storico Testi (Testi Historic Register).

Testi and Minarelli learned about two-stroke engines from Sachs: Umberto Testi’s son Erio Testi worked in his father’s bicycle factory until 1953, when he was sent to Austria, at Fichtel and Sachs, to learn about small two stroke engines. After Erio returned, he transferred the two stroke engine knowledge to his friend Vittorio Minarelli. Vittorio then later went on, after years of automotive engineering study and practice, to form Fabricca Bologna Minarelli FBM, which sometime later became the successful Motori Minarelli. That is why all Testi’s have well-made Minarelli engines.

Testi makes Gitane, Cosmo Amico, Silver Foxi, and other minor brands. Like Minarelli, they were modest and “behind the scenes”, content to sell their products “plain” so that marketing companies could put their own names and logos on. Marketing names wanted you to think they made it themselves, so they would hide the true maker identities.


USA Models

1977 Testi Mini Cricket
VIN plate location

1977 Testi Mini Cricket “Autumn Reflection”, provided by B. Small






1977 Testi VIN plate









1977 Testi Mini Cricket and 1978 Testi Cricket

Comparing all of these photos, including the European models, you can see the Cricket is more heavy duty than the Mini Cricket, thanks to a reinforced frame, stronger rear shocks, wider fenders and tires. 

The original controls on most Testi mopeds are made in Italy by PV. But the 1977 Mini Cricket is shown with German-made Magura controls. That is likely an upgrade, because the PV controls break easy.




1978 Testi OKS V1 Minarelli V1 engine

1978 Testi Gran Prix
Minarelli V1 or V2

1980 Testi Cricket V2 Minarelli V2 variator eng

1980 Testi Cricket V2
Minarelli V2 engine

The elusive Minarelli V2 variator engine is 100 times less common than V1. Here is one.







Non-US Models

Testi Cricket

Testi Cricket
(Euro) monotrave frame

Testi Mini Cricket V1

Testi Mini Cricket V1
(Euro) monotrave style

1981 Testi Cricket 4M Minarelli 4-spd manual

1981 Testi Cricket 4M
Minarelli 4-spd manual
(Euro model)










Veglia smallPV controlsTesti components: Minarelli V1 (or V2) engine 20(1.0hp), 25(1.5hp), 30mph(2.0hp) versions, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, CEV lights and switches, Domino or PV controls and levers, Grimeca hubs and brakes, CEV 6932 magneto, CEV or Veglia speedometer with LH driver.