Gitane               made in Italy by Testi              Minarelli V1 engine


Info Gitane 2
1977 Gitane mopeds (US models)


1978 Gitane Sport Minarelli V1 engine aka Gitane OKS

1978 Gitane Sport

1980 Gitane Cricket made in Italy by Testi Minarelli V1 engine

1980 Gitane Cricket

1978 Gitane Confort

1978 Gitane Confort

1978 Gitane CL200

1978 Gitane CL200







All Gitanes came with PV levers, black plastic, that break easy. Many, like these shown, have them on one side only because the other side broke and was replaced with a Domino chrome lever and housing/perch. 

Stamped steel frame-tank, enclosed chain
’77-78 CL200     red, blue, green, brown
’78-80 Confort   red, blue, ??

Tube frame with separate gas tank
’77-78 OKS       red, blue
’78-80 Sport
    red, blue, yellow, ??

Fiberglass scooter body, aka Testi Amico
Jeans     light grey, ?? 

Monotube frame-tank, heavy duty model
Cricket    red, blue
’78-80 Super Sport


HuretPV controlsGitane components: Minarelli V1 engine 20(1.0hp), 25(1.5hp), 30mph(2.0hp) versions, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, CEV lights and switches, PV controls and levers, Grimeca hubs and brakes, CEV 6932 magneto, Huret speedometer with LH driver, and CEV reflectors.