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Avanti      Avanti       made in India by Mont Motors     Garelli remake


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Mont Motors Limited is located in Rajasthan, India. It was established by Pacco Group of Companies in 1997-98. Mont Motors was the first in India to manufacture mopeds in 1984 with technical collaboration from Agrati Garelli of Italy.

The main products of Monto Motors Limited are as follows: 

Mopeds (Garelli VIP engine):                  Motor Cycles:                        Mini HD:

Avanti Auto Power   1-speed                  Bright Bike                              Avanti X-Bike
Avanti Carrier         1?-speed                  100cc Motor Cycle                  Avanti Zipper
Avanti Mont             1-speed                   125cc Motor Cycle                 Avanti Zip Zap
Avanti Kobra            2-speed                  150cc Motor Cycle                  Avanti Kid Bike
Avanti Super Sport  2-speed                   Gazzab                                  Avanti Club 70
Avanti Porta            2-speed                   Blaster                                   Kid Harley


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Avanti Speed Versions


2000’s Aravali (Avanti) Autopower from Uruquay






  Cosmo Stinger       made in India by Mont Motors     Garelli remake




Myrons Mopeds does not have specific Avanti or Cosmo Stinger parts, other than things that are compatible with other mopeds. The only exception is a new red 2001 Autopower that was parted out. Those parts will be shown here eventually.