July 13, 2012

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Italjet factory


Italjet Minibikes

Italjet Minibikes

Italemmezeta was the predecessor of Italjet, a firm established in Bologna, Italy in 1958 by Leopoldo Tartarini, son of Egisto Tartarini, an Italian racer. Early machines employed MZ engines. In about 1966 the firm’s name changed to Italjet. They have built over 150 models of motorcycles and mini-cycles. 

1969 Indian Motorcycles

1969 Indian Motorcycles

Italjet sold the complete manufacturing and distribution rights for seven of its scooter models to the Kinetic group of India in January 2007. (from Sheldons Emu). 

Floyd Clymer, 222 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles CA 90004, imported Italjets in the late 1960’s, branded as Indian. Italjet also built a small number of machines with Royal Enfield 750cc engines for Floyd Clymer in the late 1960’s, who owned the Indian name. Around 15 of these quite handsome motorcycles are believed to exist. Clymer died before the project came to fruition and the remaining 200 Enfield engines were sold to Rickman, resulting in the Rickman Interceptors.


Indian Mini Mini

1972 Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycle Company, 110 N Doheny St, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA bought the Indian name from Floyd Clymer. In the early 1970’s, they imported Italjet motorcycles and minicycles. At some point around 1977, they sold the Indian name to American Moped Inc., who used the Indian name on their 4-stroke mopeds made in Taiwan by Merida, from 1978 to 1981.



197x Indian Trials in MC Museum

1974? Indian M5B Trials
in National MC Museum

Italjet USA 7471 Greenbush Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA, imported and distributed Italjet minicycles in the late 1970’s. The Indian name was no longer in use, but they still listed the older Indian model names in their price list.  




Italjet USA


Italjet MM5B front 75dpiItaljet M5B front 75dpiItaljet JC5B front 75dpi

      1978 Italjet USA Minicycles
 Italjet    Indian    price     engine           tires         aka
 MM5B  Bambino  $439      S5K2       2.50 x 8″  Mini Mini
 M5B     Brave      $469      S5K2       2.50 x 10       Mini
 JC5B    Scout      $519  S5K2 Radial  15F, 12R  Jr Cross
 CX50   Warrior   $569   P4S Unified  14F, 12R
 CX50R Special    $699  P4S Unified   14F, 12R

Italjet MM5B back 100dpi

Italjet M5B back 100dpiItaljet JC5B back 100dpiItaljet CX50 back 100dpiItaljet CX50R back 100dpi







1980's Italjet Pack 2 Vespa Ciao engine was Michael Andretti's

1980’s Italjet Pack 2
Vespa Ciao engine
was Michael Andretti’s

Info Italjet

Italjet Pack-a-way

The Italjet Packaway collapsible moped had pedals and a Morini MO-1 engine. The Italjet Pack 2 had foot pegs, kickstart, and a Vespa Ciao engine. 

Italjet components: The off road Italjet models have some of the same components as Italian Mopeds, such as Grimeca brakes, axles and hubs, Dellorto SHA 14/12 or 14/9 carburetors, Bosch or Ducati ignition parts,  Morini engine parts, #415 drive chain, and possibly things like cables, fuel petcocks, steering nuts or bearing races, etc.