July 13, 2012


         Cosmo     made in Italy (’77-85) or India (’95-05)      various engines

Cosmo is the trade name of Cosmopolitan Motors, Hatboro Pennsylvania USA. The Cosmo brand name is on several different makes and year ranges:

1977-1985? was the Colt line of mopeds, with Morini MO-1, M1, M101 or Sachs, made in Italy by Piccoli Motori or Malaguti.

1980-1985? was the Amico scooter-moped, with Minarelli V1 1-spd engine, made in Italy by Testi.

 2000-2005? was the Stinger top tank, with a Garelli 2-speed remake engine, made in India by Mont Motors.

The Cosmo Stinger is the same as an Avanti Supersport, both with a Garelli 2-speed remake engine, 35mph. Finally in 2013 Cosmopolitan Motors went out of business, and liquidated all of that vintage Italian parts inventory, after serving the US motorcycle community for over 50 years!

1977-79 Cosmo Mopeds

1977-79 Cosmo Mopeds

     Cosmo 1981 Moped & Cycles Price List

Model      Engine     Price   Wt     Colors
Colt 1   FM  MO-2    $629  95  black,red,silver,blue
Colt 3   FM M1 reed $750  95  black,red,white,blue
Colt 3A FM  M101  $799  100  black,red,white,blue
Colt 4   FM  M101  $849  100  black,red,white,blue
Colt 4B FM  M101  $925  100  same w/side boxes
Colt 5 Sachs oil inj $699  100  black,red,white,blue
G-2        Benelli       $619    95  blue, orange, white
C-2        Benelli       $649    95  same but long seat
Amico    scooter     $799   120  off white
Mini cross  F.Mor.  $579    90  red and white
Benelli    250/4    $3495  350  red
Benelli    500/4    $2995  500  red, silver
Benelli    750/6    $3995  550  red, silver, green 


Info Colt

Info Colt

Cosmo Colt     made in Italy by Piccoli Motori     Morini or Sachs engine

1977 Colt 2 Morini MO-2 engine

1977 Cosmo Colt 1
Morini MO-2 engine
made by Piccoli Motori

1978 Colt 1 Morini MO-1 engine

1978 Cosmo Colt 1
Morini MO-2 engine

1979 Colt 2 Morini MO-2 engine

1979 Cosmo Colt 1
Morini MO-2 engine








Piccoli Motori small

The Cosmo Colt 1 (or 5) chassis is the same as Baretta Magnum. The Cosmo Blazer chassis is the same as a Baretta 38. They are all made by Piccoli Motori in Bologna, Italy.


1980 Colt 1 Morini MO-1 engine

1980 Cosmo Colt 1
Morini MO-2 engine

1980 Cosmo Colt 3 Morini M1 engine

’80 Cosmo Colt 3 (M1)

1981 Colt 3 Morini M1 engine

1981 Cosmo Colt 3
Morini M1 reed engine
also by Piccoli Motori

1982 Colt 4 Morini M101 variator

1982 Cosmo Colt 4
Morini M101 variator eng








OSL smallVeglia smallCosmo Colt components: CEV lights, switches, Domino controls (Colt 1 and 5) or OSL controls (Colt 3 and 4), Grimeca wheels, 90mm brakes, Dellorto SHA 14/12 or 14/9 carburetor, Veglia speedometer with LH driver.



Cosmo Amico Scooter

Cosmo Amico Scooter

 Cosmo Amico   made in Italy by Testi        Minarelli V1

Info Cosmo Amico Scooter

Info Cosmo Amico Scooter

In Europe the Testi Amico was made and sold from about 1970 to 1980. But US-model versions were made in about 1979-1980, and sold in the early 1980’s. They were imported and distributed by Cosmopolitan Motors in Pennsylvania.







PV controlsCosmo Amico components:  Minarelli V1 engine, PV levers/controls. CEV lights, round chrome switches. CEV speedometer with LH driver (small tire ratio?). Grimeca 10″ Razze Incrociate style mag wheels, Grimeca 90mm brakes, and 11mm axle parts. Dellorto SHA 14/12 carburetor parts. CEV 6932 magneto, CEV ignition parts, all single ended (universal) cables.