July 12, 2012

KromagWelcome. Kromag Metallindustrie AG was an Austrian metal products company. The name comes from the metals chromium and magnesium. The logo is a metallurgist wearing a fire suit stirring a vat of molten metal with a long cane. Kromag made the Sears Free Spirit and the J.C. Penney Pinto and Swinger. These department store mopeds were intentionally without manufacturers names or logos to hide the identity. 

Kromag is not KTM. Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen is KTM. The craft shop in Mattinghofen, Austria was founded in 1934 by engineer Hans Trunkenpolz. Motorcycle production began in 1954. KTM makes the Foxi Deluxe, Foxi Salzburg, and Foxi Baron. All of the Austrian frames, Puch, Kromag, and KTM are made for Puch engines, but the KTM has a Puch-to-Sachs adaptor bracket for the Sachs 504 engine.

Sears Free Spirit (made by Kromag)

Sears Free Spirit Info 1

Sears Free Spirit Info 1

Sears free Spirit Info 2

Sears Free Spirit Info 2


















1978 Sears Free Spirit

1978 Sears Free Spirit 8083












Here is a link to Sears Parts Direct. It shows all the moped parts with beautiful illustrations and easy to follow menus. Only a few Sears moped parts are available, and can be ordered online there. But most of the 1970’s Sears Free Spirit (made by Kromag with a Puch engine) parts are listed as “no longer available”


JC Penney (made by Kromag)

JC Penney Info

JC Penney Info

















Welcome. Myron’s Mopeds carries many Sears Free Spirit and some JC Penney parts.

Many things are already offered in Parts/By Type.

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