Derbi Parts

August 18, 2012

1976-1979 Derbi Variant SL, SLE, TT, Laguna, C5 Diablo  (non reed engine)















1980-1986 Derbi Variant SL, SLE, TT, Laguna, RD50  (pyramid reed engine) 

















The 1980-85’s have these subtle improvements:

crankcase 3-petal pyramid reed valve for more torque
90 degree throttle cable, not “straight out” (longer wire)
black aluminum brake levers not black plastic
front sprocket sticks out more, nut hits earlier left cover
the cast aluminum swingarm was upgraded to box steel
the center panel choke button is 2 inches farther back 

There never was a parts catalog made for the 1980-1985 Derbi mopeds. There were only addendums or updates to the 1976-1979 parts catalog, in the form of loose sheets of paper. Not all of the sheets came out at once, as not every improvement happened at once. So many Derbi dealers in the late 1980’s ordered things from the 1970’s parts catalog for their 1980’s models, because they did not have the 1980’s update pages. So some of Myrons Mopeds Derbi parts are left-overs from that. Things like the “90 degree” or “straight” style throttle, which determines/identifies the throttle cable, cannot be known from just the year and model only. For those items, only photos or direct observation can determine the correct part.

1986-1989 Derbi Variant Sport, DS50  (flat reed engine)

The 1986-89’s have these subtle improvements:

Many things are different that appear to be the same.
Flat 2-petal case reed valve, “Scanimet” all aluminum cylinder
Reverse rotation for better induction, so it has an extra shaft
Both crankshaft nuts are left thread, old ones are both right
Domino controls with integrated CEV switches, different cables
CEV square speedo and square headlight with hi/lo, not round
New frame – engine swings with rear wheel, takes bumps better
Improved variator with wider range, more torque
Voltage regulator and stronger magneto, brighter lights
Top speed 43 mph! with intake & variator restrictors removed.

 Welcome. Myron’s Mopeds carries some Derbi moped parts. Many things are already offered in Parts/By Type, such as lights, switches, horns, brake shoes, spokes, tires, tubes, Delorto carburetor parts, pistons, rings, engine nuts, woodruff keys, etc. Here is where Derbi parts are listed, that are “for Derbi only”, pretty much. Be sure to look at the Derbi Engines sheet because the Derbi mopeds here are grouped into three engine types. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.

Complete List of Derbi mopeds (USA models): 

DERBI SL (the basic model)
1976-78 Derbi Variant SL: 2.50x17 tires, non-reed engine, chrome spoke rims, 19x30T, colors: silver
1979-80 Derbi Variant SL: 2.50x17 tires, non-reed engine, chrome spoke rims, 19x30T, colors: silver, black, green
1980-82 Derbi Variant SL: 2.50x16 tires, pyr-reed engine, chrome spoke rims, 20x30T, colors: white
1983-85 Derbi Variant SL: 2.50x16 tires, pyr-reed engine, chrome spoke rims, 20x30T, colors: white, red
1985-86 Derbi Variant SL: 2.50x16 tires, flat-reed engine, chrome spoke rims, 13x33T, colors: white
DERBI SLE (the deluxe model)
1978-79 Derbi Variant SLE: 2.50x17 tires, piston port(non-reed) gold 17“mags, 19x30T, colors: black, gold
1980-84 Derbi Variant SLE: 2.50x17 tires, pyramid-reed engine, gold 17“mags, 19x30T, colors: black, wine red
1980-82 Derbi Variant SLE-E (electric start):  pyr-reed engine,    gold 17“mags, 19x30T, colors: wine red
1983-84 Derbi Variant SLE-E (electric start):  pyr-reed engine,    gold 17“mags, 19x30T, colors: black 
1983-84 Derbi Variant SLE-C (cargo model, solo seat): pyr-reed, gold 17“mags, 19x30T, colors: wine red
1985-86 Derbi Variant SLE-X: (extra perform):  flat reed engine, gold 17“mags, 13x35T, colors: black 
 DERBI TT (“Tough Terrain” model)
1976-77 Derbi Variant TT: 2.50x17 tires, non-reed engine, chrome spoke rims, 19x30T, colors: metallic green
1978-79 Derbi Variant TT: 2.50x17 tires, non-reed engine, chrome spoke rims, 19x30T, colors: yellow, red
1980-82 Derbi Variant TT: 2.50x17 tires, pyr-reed engine, chrome spoke rims, 19x30T, colors: red
 DERBI Laguna, RD50 (the specialty models)
1978-80 Derbi C5 Diablo: 2.50x21“F 2.75x18“R tires, dirt bike moped, non-reed, 20x42T, colors: red with yellow
1980-85 Derbi RD50:       2.50x21“F 2.75x18“R tires, similar to C5, pyramid reed, 20x42T colors: red with white
1978-79 Derbi Laguna:         2.50x17, road racer moped, non-reed, silver mags, 19x30T, colors: light silver
1980-82 Derbi Sport Laguna: 2.50x17 road racer, pyramid reed eng, silver mags 19x30T colors: light silver
 DERBI Variant Sport (high performance)
1986-87 Derbi Variant Sport: 2.75x16 tires, flat reed engine, silver mags, 13x33T, colors: white,
1988-88 Derbi Variant Sport: 2.75x16 tires, flat reed engine,   red   mags, 13x33T, colors: red
1989-89 Derbi Variant Sport: 2.75x16 tires, flat reed engine, silver mags, 13x33T, colors: dark silver
DERBI DS50 (moped/scooter)
1986-87 Derbi DS50: 3.00x10 tires, electric start, flat reed engine, silver mags, 13×26?, colors: white,
1988-88 Derbi DS50: 3.00x10 tires, electric start, flat reed engine, silver mags, 13×26?, colors: red
1989-89 Derbi DS50: 3.00x10 tires, electric start, flat reed engine, silver mags, 13×26?, colors: dark silver





Part #  # ←pic#….Description Price      Applications
########### ### ################### #### #########################
000.821.5100 1 footrest right $25 1976-1979 Derbi SL, SLE
000.821.5500 2 footrest left $35 1976-1979 Derbi SL, SLE
000.821.5180 chaingaurd left grey N/A 1976-1979 Derbi SL
000.823.0150 9 engine cover right grey $80 1976-1979 Derbi SL
000.823.0200 10 engine cover left grey $70 1976-1979 Derbi SL
000.872.2220 chaingaurd right gold 1976-1979 Derbi SLE
000.871.5180 chaingaurd left gold 1976-1979 Derbi SLE
000.873.0150 engine cover right gold N/A 1976-1979 Derbi SLE
000.873.0200 11 engine cover left gold $50 1976-1979 Derbi SLE
000.851.5180 TT chaingaurd left black 1976-1986 Derbi TT
000.853.0150 12 engine cover right black $80 1976-1979 Derbi TT
000.853.0200 13 engine cover left black $60 1976-1979 Derbi TT
0A0.???.???? 14 engine cover L blk used $50 1984-1986 Derbi SL (no cavity)
original only 5 center cover (early non) N/A 1976-1979 Derbi SL, SLE, TT
000.821.8220 6 center cover (non reed) $80 1976-1979 Derbi SL, SLE, TT
0A0.220.0561 7 center cover (reed) $90 1980-1986 Derbi SL, SLE, TT
000.871.5100 3 footrest right $35 1986-1989 Derbi Variant Sport
        continued … 1980-1986 Derbi SL, SLE
000.871.5500 4 footrest left $45 1986-1989 Derbi Variant Sport
        continued … 1980-1986 Derbi SL, SLE
0F0.221.0221 chaingaurd right N/A 1986-1989 Derbi Variant Sport
0F0.152.0181 chaingaurd left N/A 1986-1989 Derbi Variant Sport
000.853.0150 engine cover right N/A 1986-1989 Derbi Variant Sport
000.853.0200 engine cover left N/A 1986-1989 Derbi Variant Sport
0A0.182.0221 8 center cover N/A 1986-1989 Derbi Variant Sport

Derbi Center Panels: The center panel choke button is supposed to push the Delorto carburetor choke lever down, and later allow it to release back up after the bike is started and the throttle is momentarily maxed out. But it often does not work properly, and it is finicky. When it sticks, either on or off, you must wiggle or move the center panel to make it click, or else remove the panel and operate the lever directly. The main cause is an incorrect angle of the carburetor. Loosen the clamp and rotate one way or the other. The carb should be vertical, but the finicky panel might require it to be slightly tipped. Because of this difficulty, many Derbi owners have cut holes in, or removed and discarded their center panels. Derbi fixed the problem on the 1986-1989 models by using a choke cable and a right handlebar lever. No more reaching down and fussing. 

Derbi Center Panel Choke Button Parts: There are three different “feet” that press onto the vertical plastic button shaft. Here are shown the correct ones, for reference purposes. Some are for sale but not yet listed. Also the steel tongue at the front is for sale but not shown here.



Derbi speedometers are made by Walker, under license by VDO. They are compatible with other VDO speedos on Puch, Sachs, Batavus, Sparta, Kreidler, and others. But they say “Derbi” on the face, so they are here in Derbi, rather than with the other VDO’s in Parts/By Type/Speedometers.


Part #  # ←pic#….Description Price      Applications
########### ### ################### #### #########################
all the same! Derbi Speedometers Derbi 1976-1985 all models
000.501.6010 1 10447 miles, new cond $80 test=16.5mph, worked good
        continued … flat rim original on TT
000.501.6010 2 01953 miles, new cond $90 test=16.0mph, worked good
        continued … flat rim original on TT
000.501.6010 3 05565 miles, fair cond $45 test=16.0mph, worked good
000.501.6010 4 03702 miles, fair cond. $45 test=17.0mph, worked good
000.501.6010 5 01944 miles, good cond $60 test=17.0mph, worked good
000.501.6010 6 00038 miles, new cond $105 test=16.5mph, worked good
000.501.6010 7 00001 miles, new cond $120 test=17.0mph, worked good
000.501.6010 8 00124 miles, new cond N/A test=16.5mph, worked good
000.501.6010 9 00933 miles, good cond $70 test=17.5mph, worked good
        continued … shown with rubber visor ring
000.501.6010 10 04376 miles, fair cond. $50 test=16.0mph, worked good
000.501.6010 11 16748 miles, bad needle $35 test=18.0mph, worked good
        continued … shown with rubber visor ring
000.821.6830 rubber visor ring $10 optional

Under construction …

Derbi SL, SLE, TT Speedometer Cables: Many Derbi speedometer cables have a kink below the speedometer that causes the inner wire to break repeatedly. The kink is from the back of the “pancake” headlight pushing the speedo cable back. There is no easy remedy. As with any speedometer cable, any kink or sudden change in direction will eventually cause the inner cable wire to break there, because as it rotates it is being bent back and forth.    



Derbi Variant 1976-1986 brake levers and decomp lever are different that all others. Instead of a clamp-on lever housing, they are housed in a welded-on steel perch. So there is no changing controls without changing handlebars or grinding off the original lever perches/housings. Changing handlebars is difficult because the original Derbi handlebars also do not interchange with the rest of the world, because they have special mounts welded onto them.

Derbi Brake Levers

Derbi brake lever mods

Derbi Variant 1976-86 brake levers have been unavailable since the early 1990’s. Substitute modified Yamaha levers are currently being investigated. Besides making it function as a cable lever, it also has to reach the brake light switch button. That’s what the little hump is for on the far left in the photo.

Derbi Variant Sport and DS50 1987-1989 are completely different. They are “80’s Domino” black, used also on mid to late 1980’s Garelli, Tomos, and Trac. See Parts/By Type/Controls for those levers and parts.




Decompression Lever

The original black plastic 1976-1986 Derbi Rabasa decomp levers are scarce or not available. However there is a pretty good substitute available. A late 1980’s Domino choke lever, like on the later 86-89 Derbi Variant Sport, can be modified to fit an earlier Derbi.

Derbi decomp levers top

Derbi decomp levers top:
1, Domino choke original
2. Substitute for Derbi    
3. Derbi decomp original

Derbi decomp levers bottom

Decomp levers bottom:
Domino choke mods –
widen pivot hole to 6mm
round off upper “corners”

Derbi substitute decomp lever

Substitute lever #2

Derbi substitute decomp lever pulled in

Substitute lever pulled in









The substitute Derbi decomp lever can be ordered for $12 plus $5 for the modification.

Compared to a universal small clamp-on lever, the benefits of the Domino choke modified lever are:

1. No need to modify the original cable. (With a BMX bicycle lever, the sleeve stop hole is wider. The cable must be cut to insert a wider stop piece. But then the inner wire must be replaced to get the length lost by cutting back, and then a small 5 x 8mm pinch bolt soldered on properly. More difficult.)

2. No need to grind off the welded-on mount. No interference with the lights/horn switch.

3. Goes in the original position, looks proper. The word “choke” wipes off with carb spray solvent.