Bing Carburetors

October 27, 2014

Contents:  1. Bing “Puch”   2. Bing “Sachs”   3. Bing “Kreidler”   4. Bing “Solo”

                    5. Bing “Jawa”   6. Bing “Allstate”   7. Bing “Austro Daimler”

                    8. Bing “Magnum X”   9. Bing Jets   10. Bing Service 

bing crownWelcome. Included here are Bing carburetors used on mopeds, originally sold in the US from 1960 to 1990. This is only a small segment of Bing. There are also Bing carburetors on mopeds not originally sold in the US, or from earlier or later times, and on most German motorcycles and power equipment.

These carburetor categories are nick-named after the most popular US model or make. The Sears Allstate moped had the same carburetor and engine as 1950’s and 60’s Puch MS50 series and Tomos Colibri mopeds. The Puch Magnum X small motorcycle carburetor was the same as on many other 50cc motorcycles, especially German.    

Bing moped carburetors, 10, 12, and 14mm, came on German (Sachs, Kreidler, Solo), Austrian (Puch, Kromag), and Slovakian (Jawa-Babetta, Manet-Puch) mopeds (US models). Besides the three venturi sizes, there are also different configurations and clamp mount sizes. Puch, Solo, and Kreidler Bings have round float bowls that screw on, and 3.5mm jets. Sachs Bings are square and “smashed up against a wall”, too close for any other carburetor to substitute, and have 4.0mm jets. Puch Bings have a 20mm ID clamp mount, and 20mm OD spigot mount for the air filter. Sachs Bings also have a 20mm clamp mount, and a two-bolt flange mount for the air filter and external choke. Solo and Kreidler Bings have a smaller 16mm clamp mount, and a large 53mm “bell” for the air filter to clamp to.   

The model number, stamped on, tells the size and settings. Use the Puch Carb Specs Table below to find what jet number and other parts your carburetor originally came with. Then use the Bing Jet list or graph to find what jet drill should pass through. Then use that drill to clean the old jet and restore it to normal size.

Puch small1.  B I N G   P U C H   C A R B S
12, 14, or 15mm     clamp size 20mm

Pic#   Puch Number    description    (qty)   price     notes
1   362.115.0091/xx jet M3.5      see below Bing Jets M3.5
2    349.115.0081/22 needle jet 2.22           $8 see Carb Specs Table 
2a  349.115.0081/12 needle jet 2.12A        $15 see Carb Specs Table 
2b  349.115.0081/17 needle jet 2.17          $15 see Carb Specs Table
3    349.115.0151/24 slide Ø16.5 type 24    $12 see Carb Specs Table
3a  349.115.0151/51 slide Ø16.5 type 51    $15 see Carb Specs Table
3b  349.115.0151/11 slide Ø16.5 type 11    N/A see Carb Specs Table
4    364.415.5161 350300 needle 1-mark    $18 36 long, for 1/14/xxx 
4a  330.115.0161 needle throttle 2-mark   $18 36 long, for 1/12/xxx
5    362.115.0131 350400 clip for needle      $2  
6    362.115.0141 disc (washer)                 $1 this is optional
7    362.215.0131 spring throttle Ø13 x 58    $8
8    349.115.0291 350700 gasket for top      $3
9    349.115.0191 carb top bare                 $7
9 + 13 + 33        top assy  long choke rod $15 for 14mm 1/14/xxx
9 + 13 + 33a      top assy short choke rod $15 for 12mm 1/12/xxx
10   050.1535      screw M4 thin shank (2)   $1 stays with the top 
11 + 12              adjuster M5 w/nut see cable parts A1b
                         (trapped within double-ended Puch throttle cables)
13   362.115.0641 clip for choke rod           $2 clicks when fully up
14a 349.115.0181 elbow long  M6x.75, M5  $12 for Maxi-type models
14b 321.115.0181 elbow short M6x.75, M5 $15 Magnum-type models
15   26779           lock nut M6x0.75            see Cable Parts A7d
16   349.115.0111 idle speed screw M5x0.8  $3 same as Sachs Bing
17   349.115.0121 spring idle Ø5,Ø7 x 9      $3 same as Sachs Bing
18   362.215.0252 351700 float slotted       $20 for all others
18a early float      round float not slotted    N/A for Sears Free Spirit
19   362.115.0271 351800 hinge pin float     $4
20   362.215.0262 351900 rubber tip needle $15 for slotted float
20a early needle   needle for non-slotted float see Sachs Bing 22
21   362.115.0241 float bowl used metal      $8
22   362.115.0281 352100 gasket float bowl $4 45 x 41 x 1.5mm
24   320.115.0381 banjo fuel inlet steel      $10 hose swivel connector
25   320.115.0391 banjo bolt M8 x 0.75        $8
26   900.3702      seal washer M8 x 12 (2)    $1 these are fiber ones
27   362.115.0372 fuel filter thimble screen $15 clean and reuse
28   349.115.0131 clamp bolt M6x20 special $3 thin shank
29   328.115.0362 primer for cold starting   $3  pushes float down
30   364.115.0331 spring for primer            $7
31   364.115.0341 cottor pin for primer       $2  original is crimped
32   349.115.0651 350500 slide choke        $12
33   349.215.0631 rod choke short 38mm   $4 for 12mm  (1/12/xxx)
33a 349.115.0631 rod choke long 40mm     $3 for 14mm (1/14/xxx)
34   349.115.0471 choke rod extension       $7 for Maxi-type models
Puch Bing photos

Maxi-type frames are sheet metal: Puch Maxi, Sport, Newport, GN, …
Magnums are tube frames: Puch Cobra, Sears Free Spirit, JC Penney…

35   349.115.0070 585200 intake silencer $30 for Maxi-type models
36   349.115.0731 inlet tube sound damper $7 pre-84 Maxi 1.5 & 2hp 
37   900.1320      see hardware M6 x 20 cheese-slot head
37a 900.2206      see hardware M6 regular nut
40   321.115.2700 silencer 2.0hp, no #44’s $55 Magnum-type models
40a 321.215.2700 silencer 1.5, 1hp w/44’s $55 Magnum-type models 
41   900.9886      hose clamp 1 inch          $2
42   321.115.2711 front silencer half         $15
43   050.1540.2   air filter metal mesh      $30
44   349.115.0741 restrictor 1.5 & 1.0hp    $3
45   321.115.0741 sound damper pipe        $5
46   321.115.0741 mount clamp                $8
47   26565           see hardware M5 x 16 hex bolt
48   321.315.0701 rear silencer               $15
Bing Puch choke rods

Bing “Puch” choke rods
left long, right short

Bing "Puch" carb elbows

Bing “Puch” carb elbows
left long, right short

Bing 16.5mm throttle slides









Puch smallbing crown                     P U C H   C A R B   S P E C S   T A B L E

Normally, carburetors appear first in the parts list. But Puch has over 30 versions. So they are here instead. Use this table to find your Puch carburetor’s original jet size and other settings, just by knowing the ID Number. Or use the applications and other clues to find what ID Number and settings that it originally had, if the original carb ID Number is not known or not trusted.  

###### # ################################### ###### #########################
intake jet   throttle        needle      air
carb ID#  years  version  brand   model manifold size  slide needle  jet          box
###### # ################################### ###### #########################
1/15/46 Aftermarket Puch Carb 15mm unknown 82     24      1      2.17      none
——— —————— 1  4   m m  C A R B S ———————– ———- —————————————————-
1/14/152 1976-76  2.0hp  Puch  N, S, Nostalgic Ø14 sqr 64     24      2      2.20      maxi
1/14/160 1977-79  2.0hp  Puch  GN, Maxi Ø14 sqr 64     24      1      2.22      maxi
1/14/163 1978-78  2.0hp  Sears  Free Spirit Ø14 sqr 68     11      2      2.12A    magnum
1/14/164 1978-78  1.5hp  Sears  Free Spirit Ø8.5sqr 52     11      2      2.12A
same 1978-78  1.0hp  Sears  Free Spirit Ø6.7sqr same
1/14/xxx 1981-81  1.5hp  Puch  Series B Ø8.5sqr 52     51      2      2.12A
1/14/166 1980-81  2.0hp  Murray Ø14 sqr 62     51      2      2.12A    magnum
1/14/xxx 1981-81  2.0hp  Puch  Series B Ø14 sqr 68     51      2      2.12A    magnum
1/14/185 1980-85  2.0hp  Puch  Maxi, Sport LS Ø14 circ 64     24      1      2.22      maxi late
1/14/196 1984-86  2.0hp  Puch  Cobra 1, Cobra 2 Ø14 tall 68     24      2      2.17      magnum
same 1984-85  1.5hp  Puch  Cobra 1 Ø14 circ same
1/14/203 1984-86  1.5hp  Puch  Cobra 2 Ø14 tall 70     24      2      2.17      magnum
1/14/157 1978-79  ???hp  JC Penney Swinger 2  Ø14 sqr
———– —————— 1  2   m m  C A R B S ——————— ——— ————————————————
1/12/279  modern remake
1/12/292 1977-78  1.0hp  Puch  GN, Maxi, Sport, Newport Ø12 circ 54     24      2      2.22      maxi
1/12/293 1978-78  2.0hp  Puch  Maxi Luxe, Sport, Newport Ø14 circ 60     24      2      2.22      maxi
same 1977-80  1.5hp  Puch  GN, Maxi, Sport, Newport Ø12 circ same
1/12/294 1979-80  1.0hp  Puch  GN, Maxi, Sport, Newport Ø12 circ 52     24      2      2.22      maxi
1/12/297 A 1980-80  1.0hp  Puch  Magnum II, Magnum MkII Ø12 tall 52     51      2      2.12A
1/12/300 1978-80  1.0hp  Puch  Sport MkII, New. II, Maxi II Ø12 tall 48     11      2      2.12A    maxi
1/12/302 1978-79 1.0hp JC Penney Swinger 1 Ø12 circ 50     ??       2      2.22
1/12/304 1978-78  1.5hp  Puch  Maxi Luxe, Sport, Newport Ø12 circ 66     24      2      2.22      maxi
1/12/305 unknown unknown unknown
1/12/307 1979-80  2.0hp  Puch  Maxi Luxe, Sport, Newport Ø12 circ 58     11      2      2.12A    maxi
same 1978-78  2.0hp  Puch  Sport MkII Ø14 tall same
1/12/309 1980-80  1.5hp  Puch Magnum II, Magnum MkII Ø12 tall 48     51      2      2.12A
same 1980-80  1.5hp  Puch Maxi Luxe Ø12 circ 48     51      2      2.12A    maxi
1/12/310 1979-79  1.5hp  Puch  Maxi Luxe, Sport, Newport Ø12 circ 48     51      2      2.12A    maxi
1/12/314 1979-80  2.0hp  Puch  Maxi II, Sport MkII, New. II Ø14 tall 56     24      2      2.22      maxi
1/12/316 1978-79  2.0hp  Puch  Magnum XK Ø14 tall 64     11      2      2.12A   magnum
1/12/317 1978-79  1.5hp  Puch  Magnum XK Ø12 tall 50     11      2      2.12A
1/12/318 1978-79  1.0hp  Puch  Magnum XK, Magnum MkII Ø12 tall 50     11      2      2.12A
1/12/322 1978-80  2.0hp  Puch  Magnum II, Magnum MkII Ø14 tall 60     51      2      2.12A    magnum
1/12/323 1978-79  1.5hp  Puch  Magnum MkII Ø12 tall 48     11      2      2.12A
###### # ################################### ###### #########################


Above is a list of about 30 different Bing Puch carburetors. There are just two “carb bodies”,  12 and 14mm. But they can have different jets, needle jets, throttle slides, and throttle needles (different from float needle!).  Use the chart above to configure (change the settings) a carburetor for a particular model, as long as it’s original and stock. For example, you have a 1977 Puch Maxi with no carburetor. You have a 1980 Murray carburetor that looks identical. From the chart they are both 14mm venturi, but the jet needs to be size 64 not 62, the slide #24 not 51, the needle 1 notch not 2, and the needle jet size 2.22 not 2.12A. Change those four things, and change the stamped on number from 1/14/166 to 1/14/160, and you will have the original specification carburetor. Or if you have a scrambled pile of carburetors and loose pieces, you can make any original configuration carburetor from the chart.

There are always some (sometimes lots of) little things that make life difficult. Old engines with compression and/or air leaks will need bigger than original jets. Old engines with clogged exhausts will need smaller than original jets. Engines with the original air box removed or modified will need bigger jets. Engines with performance exhausts will need bigger jets. Engines with big bore cylinder kits will need much bigger jets. This chart says what jet your bike had when it was brand new, not necessarily what jet is correct for it in it’s current state.


bing crown2.  B I N G   S A C H S   C A R B S
   10 or 12mm     clamp size 20mm

Sachs engines for US models:
internal pedals   external pedals
Sachs 505/1B    Sachs 504/1B    1-spd auto 25km/h (18mph)
Sachs 505/1A    Sachs 504/1A    1-spd auto 40km/h (26mph)
Sachs 505/1D    Sachs 504/1D    1-spd auto 45km/h (29mph)
                       Sachs 508/2D    2-spd auto 45km/h (29mph)
Carburetor Jet Slide N.jet Needle Float Price    Applications
85/10/101   50  2B 2.17 33mm no slot  N/A ’76-79 504,505/1B
85/10/101A 50  2B 2.17 33mm slotted  N/A ’79-85 504,505/1B 
85/12/101   52  2B 2.17 36mm no slot  N/A ’76-79 504,505/1A
85/12/101A 52  2B 2.17 36mm slotted  N/A ’79-85 504,505/1A
85/12/104A 58   2  none none  slotted  N/A ’78-’79 504,505/1D
85/12/118   55   2  none none  slotted  N/A ’80-’85 504,505/1D
Pic  Sachs Number   Description      Price   Applications
  0961.151.0xx jet  see below Jets M4  see above Carb Specs
2   0261.142.002 needle jet 2.17     $18 not for 104A or 118 types
2a 0247.143.000 ring (in needle jet)   $7 for needle Ø10,12 carbs
3   0261.145.000 fuel filter Sachs type $22 for Sachs Bing only
4   0261.146.000 slide #2 B  Ø14.5    $15 for needle Ø10,12 carbs
4   0261.148.000 slide #2     Ø14.5    N/A for no needle Ø12 D-eng
5   0261.006.003 needle 33mm forØ10$22 for Ø10 B-eng carbs
5   0261.006.004 needle 36mm forØ12 see above Bing Puch 4a
6   0261.018.000 clip for needle          $3 for needle Ø10,12 carbs
7   0244.109.000 washer/plate            $1 optional
8   0239.140.000 spring Ø11 x 36mm  $10 smaller than Puch
9   0250.162.000 gasket carb top        $3
10  0261.144.000 carb top w/screws  $15
11                     screw carb top M4   see above Bing Puch 10
12                     elbow carb M7 long  $12  thicker than Puch
12a                   elbow carb M7 short $15  thicker than Puch
13                     locknut M7 x 0.75     $2
14                     locknut M6 x 0.75     see Cable Parts A7d
15                     adjuster M6 x 0.75    see Cable Parts A13
                         (not trapped within the 2-ended throttle cable)
      0261.143.000 12 + 13 + 14 + 15 $15  long elbow assy
                         12a+13 + 14 + 15 $18  short elbow assy
19  3640.022.002 clamp bolt M5 x 20   $3  thin shank 
20  0962.065.000 idle screw M5x0.8    see above Bing Puch 16
21  0962.090.000 spring for idle screw see above Bing Puch 17
22                     float needle metal   $40  for no-slot float
22a 2661.027.000 float needle rubber $25  for slotted float
23                     float only no slot     $30  for metal tip needle
      0281.125.000  22 + 23 + 24       $60  no-slot float+needle
23a                    float only slotted    $45  for rubber tip needle
      0281.125.001  22a + 23a + 24    $65  slotted float+needle
24                     hinge pin float          $7  bigger than Puch
25  0261.141.000 float bowl              $12
26  0240.213.001 see hardware M4 x 12 cheese-slot head
27  0250.161.000 gasket float bowl     $15  original cork fresh
28  0261.125.000 hose fitting/banjo    see above Bing Puch 24
29  0242.110.000 cap nut M8 x 0.75     $7 for early versions
30  0962.013.000 seal ring M8 (2)      see above Bing Puch 26
31                     primer                   see above Bing Puch 29
32                     spring for primer     see above Bing Puch 30
33                     cottor pin for spring see above Bing Puch 31
      0281.109.000 31 + 32 + 33        $10

o-ring #41 is on some

Sachs Bing carb and air filter assembly

 Some Sachs intake pipes have
a cut-out for an o-ring. That
o-ring is the same as the air
box o-ring #41, Ø17 x 1.5
 Sachs air box front
40                     air box complete Ø16  N/A  for Ø12 carbs
40a                   air box complete Ø13  N/A  for Ø10 carbs      
41  0250.160.101 rubber 0-ring 17×1.5   $2
42  0225.007.000 air box front half       $15-$20
43  0239.138.000 choke slide spring       $5
44  0225.009.000 choke plate/slide       $20-$25
45  0224.160.000 mount plate metal       $3
46  0240.211.002  M5 x 10 slot screws   $1 takes two
      0282.114.000 41+42+43+44+45     $45  front half assy
47  0225.008.005 air box rear  Ø16       N/A  grey, Ø16 for Ø12 carbs
47a 0225.008.000 air box rear  Ø13.5   $45  black, Ø13.5 for Ø10 carbs 
48  0225.010.100 air filter/spacer, new   $18  spacer gets soft, clip falls off
49  0239.139.000 wire clip air box           $12

Sachs Choke Cable Trickery: Above, a Sachs Bing carburetor and air filter assembly. First the grey steel plate goes inside the white plastic box front half. Then the two M5x12 screws bolt it to the carburetor. Then the choke cable is fed through the box half, The choke cable spring is slid over the end of the choke cable. Then the white plastic choke plate, at far lower left,  is attached to the small barrel end of the choke cable. This is done with the choke cable detached from the lever at the handlebar. When it’s all hooked up, squeezing the choke trigger moves the choke plate forward, blocking off the air. Releasing the choke trigger causes the spring to pull the choke plate back away, allowing full air in for normal running.

Bing Sachs

85/10/101(or A)   85/12/101(or A)   85/12/104 A
for 504-505 1B   for 504-505 1A   for 504-505 1D

Bing Sachs

85/10/101 (or A)   85/12/101 (or A)   85/12/104 A
“A” means slotted float and rubber tip needle.
No “A” means no-slot float and metal tip needle.








101 types channel the idle mixture under the slide. A deeper slide channel makes a richer idle mixture.
      Fill in the idle channel with epoxy to make the idle mixture leaner. Grind it deeper to idle richer.
104 types have an idle tunnel with a separate fuel hole. A bigger idle hole makes a richer idle mixture.
      But it is not removable and not easily serviced.
Remember that once the throttle slide is raised up (opened), the idle channel and (to a lesser degree) the jet needle have no more effect. At full throttle only the main jet matters, pretty much. 
Bing 14.5mm throttle slides

Left 3 have idle channels and jet needle holes.
Right has no idle channel and no needle hole.
The twin holes joined together are for the cable.

Bing Sachs early and late

85/12/101 A              85/12/104 A
Left, the 101A needle jet unscrews.
Rt, 104A is molded-in under the jet.
Note the new and used float colors.









Slot Position angle is expressed as the time on a clock. All four slides above have the intake side at 12 o’clock and the engine side at 6 o’clock. Then from the bottom view, “Sachs” is at 3 o’clock, “Solo” is at 12 o’clock, “Kreidler” is at 10 o’clock, and “Sachs D” is at 3 o’clock. Slides that have the same diameter and slot position can interchange, in most cases. Other 14.5mm slides are “Jawa” (early Sachs) at 12 o’clock, and “Allstate” (early Puch) at 12 o’clock. 


Kreidler redbing crown3.  B I N G   K R E I D L E R   C A R B S
    10 or 12mm     clamp size 16mm

Kreidler Flory carb 1-10-126, identical to 1/12/260

Kreidler Flory carb 1-10-126, identical to 1/12/260

Late 1970’s Kreidler Flory MP-9 and MP-19 mopeds are US models, 30mph (2.0hp), with Bing 1/12/260 (12mm) carbs. Other Flory models in Europe are 25kmh (17mph) with Bing 1/10/126 (10mm) carbs. The “bell” outer diameter is 54mm, same as the Solo Bing below.

pic Kreidler No.   description          price   applications/remarks
1a 215.19.99 carburetor 1/12/260  N/A has metal-tip needle, no-slot float
1b  xx newer carburetor 1/12/268  N/A has rubber-tip needle, slotted float
2    07.15.08 clamp screw M5 x 15  $6  thin shank
3a 07.16.06 float no slot             N/A  substitute slotted float & rubber needle
3b 07.16.06 float with slot          see above Bing Puch 18 for rubber tip needle
 07.15.44 float needle metal    see above Bing Sachs 22 for no slot float
4b 07.15.44 float needle rubber see above Bing Puch 20 for slotted float
    607.15.1 hinge pin                 see above Bing Puch 19 
6    07.15.05 float bowl                see above Bing Puch 21
7    07.15.32 ring seal                  see above Bing Puch 22
8    07.16.20 needle jet 2.17         see above Bing Puch 2b
9    07.15.41 main jet 68              see below Bing Jets M3.5 – 68
10  07.15.12 needle 2-mark          see above Bing Puch 4a
11  07.15.15 hose socket M8x0.75    $20
                     can use swivel       see above Bing Puch 24,25,26         
12  07.15.21 fuel strainer             see above Bing Puch 27
13  07.15.25 fuel inlet seal            see above Bing Puch 26
14  07.15.14 idle screw M5-0.8    see above Bing Puch 16
15  07.15.22 idle screw spring       see above Bing Puch 17
16  07.15.99 slide Ø14.5 #10         $35  says “10  B”
17  07.15.18 clip for needle           see above Bing Sachs 6
18  07.15.55 disk washer              see above Bing Sachs 7
19  07.15.23 slide spring Ø11 x 42   N/A
20  07.16.25 carb top cover          N/A  smaller than Puch
21  07.16.23 carb top screw         see above Bing Puch 10
22  07.16.12 choke rod 35mm      see above Bing Puch 33 longer but works
23  07.16.13 push button             N/A goes on top of choke rod, not needed
24  07.15.27 top gasket               N/A  smaller than Puch
25  07.15.20 choke slide 14 wide   $20  can grind down a Puch one

Solo Bingsolobing crown4.  B I N G   S O L O   C A R B S
8 or 10mm    clamp size 16mm

a   carburetor  1/10/112        N/A
1   vinyl tubing 14 x 2 x 178    N/A
2   intake silencer                 N/A
3   air filter insert                 N/A
4   intake silencer clamp        N/A
5   float slotted type            see above Bing Puch 18            
6   float needle for slotted    see above Bing Puch 20
7   float bowl                      see above Bing Puch 21
8   bowl gasket                    see above Bing Puch 22       
9   main jet 58                     see below Bing Jets M3.5 – 58
10 needle jet 2.12                 see above Bing Puch 2a
11 fuel line nipple M8 x 0.75    see above Bing Kreidler 11
    can use swivel (banjo)        see above Bing Puch 24,25,26         
12 gasket M8                        see above Bing Puch 26
13 idle screw M5-0.8                see above Bing Puch 16
14 screw spring                   see above Bing Puch 17
15 choke plate                       N/A
16 stud                                N/A
17 safety washer                   N/A
18 torsion spring                   N/A
19 pivot screw                     N/A
20 throttle slide Ø14.5 “16”    $35 
21 jet needle 31 long 1-mark   N/A
22 needle holder               see above Bing Sachs 6
23 washer                        see above Bing Sachs 7
24 slide spring Ø11 x 36    see above Bing Sachs 8
25 screw-on cover M18 x 1.0  $30
26 cable adjuster M6 x 0.75   see Cable Parts A13
27 adjuster nut M6 x 0.75     see Cable Parts A7d
28 float hinge pin                see above Bing Puch 19
29 clamp screw M5 x 15      see above Bing Kreidler 2
Bing 1/10/112

Bing 1/10/112 for Solo/Colombia 40kmh (26mph)

Bing 1-8-102 w/air box, for Solo 25kmh (16mph)

Bing 1-8-102 w/air box, for Solo 25kmh (16mph)









Solo Odyssey motor

Solo Odyssey motor


This carburetor is for low powered mopeds (mofas), case-reed-valve engines, that position the carburetor way down almost below the engine. The choke is remote, by cable. There is no primer (because you could not reach it if there was). Otherwise it is very close to the Kreidler Bing, with the same size Ø16 mount, Ø14.5 slide (but a different slot position), same float, float needle, float bowl, M5 idle screw, needle, needle jet, and M3.5 main jet (but different numbers).    



bing crown5.  B I N G   J A W A   C A R B S

 Made for 1950’s – 60’s Sachs 502/2, 502/3 

 no.  Jawa no.  description     price or availability
  1 23 09-140  air filter             N/A
  2   4 21-050  screw cap M18x1 see above Bing Solo 25
  3     35-922  float w/needle     N/A bigger than Encarwi
     24 35-022  float only            N/A
     26 47-120  float needle only  N/A
  4   2 45-502  adj nut M6x0.75  see Cable Parts A7d
  5   9 46-042  jet needle 33       N/A
     10 46-031  jet needle 31       N/A
  6   1 50-042  adjuster M6x0.75 see Cable Parts A13
  7   8 57-200  needle clip         see above Bing Sachs 6
  8   6 60-300  throttle spring    see above Bing Sachs 8 
       7 57-023  plate/washer     see above Bing Sachs 7
  9 20 61-469  air box clamp/clip N/A
10 11 22-150  slide Ø14.5 “24”   N/A slot faces intake 
    12 22-151  slide Ø14.5 “32”    N/A fits Bing “Solo”
                   slide Ø14.5 “16”   see above Bing Solo 20  
11  3 32-032-101 float lid w/seat N/A
      5 65-720  seal                   N/A
12 13 44-931-101/62  main jet   N/A
         44-931-101/64  main jet   N/A
         44-931-101/66  main jet   N/A
 14 14 45-111  needle jet           N/A
 15 15 45-112  needle jet           N/A
 16 16 65-143  seal washer 10×14 $2
 17 17 50-148  plug M10x1         N/A
 19 19 26-625  filter cap           $35  metal, not replica
 21 21 65-775  seal                   N/A
 22 22 65-750  seal                   N/A
      25 40-420  clamp screws (2) N/A  on some versions
 27 27 49-020  cottor pin          see above Bing Puch 31
 28 28 40-430  locking screw      N/A
 29 29 60-020  primer spring      N/A
 31 31 48-925  primer/tickler      N/A
 33 33 40-413  float screws (2)   N/A
 34 34           idle screw M5x0.8 see above Bing Puch 16
 35 35           idle screw spring   see above Bing Puch 17

Bing Jawa 1/12/315

Bing 1/12/315






Bing Jawa 1/12/325

Bing 1/12/325







Bing 1/12/169

Bing Jawa 1-12-239 replica

Bing 1/12/239 replica

Originally all metal, this carburetor and intake silencer was made for the early Sachs 502 vertical cylinder moped engine, 1,2, or 3 speed, kick start or pedals, from the 1950’s and 1960’s. The name Bing “Jawa” should be called Bing “Sachs 502”, since it fits those engines like a glove. Then Bing “Sachs” here should be Bing “Sachs 504/505 A”, to be more correct, globally.

There is no choke slide that blocks the air like on other Bings. Instead the primer holds the float down until gasoline overflows into the venturi. That provides the rich mixture for cold starting.

Sachs Saxonette 1950's -60's moped engine with early Bing carburetor

1960’s Sachs 502/2
Bing carb made for it

1965 Hercules moped with Sachs 2-speed grip-shift engine

1965 Hercules moped
Sachs 502/2 (2-speed)

50’s Sachs 502/3 (3-spd)








Jawa used this classic German carburetor from 1979 to 1983, only after it was obsolete, and only on their highest power 1.7kW models. Those were the 40km/h (25mph) Supreme 2, type 207-394 (Babetta 207-504 in Europe), and the 50km/h (30mph) Supreme 3, type 207-392 (X 30 207-385 in Europe). All other Jawa Babetta models were 1.1kW or less, 40km/h (25mph) or less, with a smaller 9mm Jikov 2909 carburetors.

1982 Jawa Supreme 2

1982 Jawa Supreme 2
type 207-394 (Canada)

1979 Jawa X30 (Euro model)

1979 Jawa X30
type 207-385 (for Euro)


Apparently most, if not all, of the USA models of “Supreme 2” and “Supreme 3” have the 9mm Jikov carburetors, not the 12mm Bing. Of about 20 Jawa Supreme 2 and 3, found on the internet, all had 9mm Jikov carbs. Only the two at left had 12mm Bings. Yet the Bing “Jawa” carb is in the later 207-300 series American Jawa Parts Catalog.




Allstate BingSears Allstatebing crown6.  B I N G    A L L S T A T E     C A R B S

pic  Sears no.   description    size        price   notes 
1   050.1520 cable adjuster M5 x 0.80  see Cable Parts A1b
2   050.1517 adjuster nut M5 x 0.80     see Cable Parts A1b
3   050.1519 screw cover M18 x 1.0     N/A
4   050.1518 head with tube bend       N/A
5   050.1531 throttle spring               see above Bing Sachs 8
6   050.1513 needle clip                     see above Bing Sachs 6
6a 350.115.0141 washer                   see above Bing Sachs 7   
7   050.1516 jet needle (state 1 or 2 marks)
8   050.1515 throttle slide (state number) see Bing Solo 20
9   050.1555 choke spring                 see above Bing Solo 18
10 050.1552 shoulder screw           see above Bing Solo 19
11 050.1529 spring clip for air filter       N/A
12 050.1540.2 air filter                 see above Bing Puch 43
15 350.415.0561 cable nipple          see above Bing Solo 15
16 050.1559 locking plate                  see above Bing Solo 15
17 050.1553 choke slide                 see above Bing Solo 15
18 050.1509/62 main jet size 62       N/A
19 050.1535 float top screws (2)       N/A
20 364.115.0322 float top with seat   N/A  also has primer/tickler
21 050.1536 float chamber gasket        N/A
22 050.1530 float needle                      N/A 
23 050.1525 float                               N/A
24 050.10.1501 carburetor body bare   N/A 
25 900.1107 hex bolt M6 x 25 (2)           see hardware M6 x 25 hex bolt
26 24804 plain washer M6 (2)               see hardware M6 washer
27 050.1521 intake gasket/heat block    N/A  looks like Tomos A3 one
28 050.1508 needle jet (state number)  see above Bing Jawa 14,15
29 27071 seal washer 10 x 14mm         see above Bing Jawa 16
30 050.1523 screw plug M10 x 1.0        see above Bing Jawa 17
31 050.1511 idle screw M4 x 0.7               N/A is this an Encarwi one?
32 24771 idle screw nut M4x0.7      see hardware M4 nut
Allstate Bing Diagram

Here is a beautiful cut-away illustration from the Danish website The venturi is 12mm diameter. The curved pipe is about 13mm. The jet and jet holder are a single piece, like the Bing “early Sachs”. The choke cable and plate are the same as Bing “Solo”, with a “carb” end on the choke cable. The screw-on top cap is M18x1.0 thread and M6x0.75 cable elbow/stop, Ø14.5 slide with slot facing the intake (like other early Bings), and jet needle, are interchangeable with Bing “Solo” and Bing “Jawa or early Sachs”.

From the left drawing, sliced vertically front to back, you can see the little pin that locates the throttle slide, near where the choke cable comes in at. Like the other early Bings “Solo” and “Jawa”, the slot in the throttle slide faces the intake, so the throttle slides interchange (but not with “1970’s Sachs” and “Kreidler”). 


Puch used this Bing “Allstate” 12mm carburetor on the MS50 (Moped Stahlblech – steel sheet) series from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. In 1969 Puch indroduced the Maxi moped, with an all new carburetor design. That carburetor, called Bing “Puch” or “round Bing” was in use from 1969 to 1986. It is way more familiar to Americans because of the moped buying frenzy in the late 1970’s. In the early 1980’s Puch developed their advanced technology future moped. But sales were down, and something like internal fraud contributed to Puch going out of business after over a century. If they had kept going, we would have an abundance of parts for the Bing “Austro Daimler” carburetor below.


Austro Daimlerbing crown7.  B I N G    A U S T R O – D A I M L E R

Steyr-Daimler-Puch was so proud of the replacement for the Maxi, that they named it after their hand crafted performance bicycle line, and their 1899-1934 Austrian automobile name, Austro-Daimler. Not much on the 1984-86 Puch A-D was the same as the elderly Maxi. This 12mm Bing carburetor is 1990’s technology. Notice the light throttle spring, possible with modern nylon lined cables and low friction throttle parts. In the US, this carb was also on the 1995-96 Manet-Puch Korado.

2   needle jet o-ring
4   top screw M4 (2)
5   top cover                       N/A
6   top gasket                     N/A
7   throttle spring
8   spring cup                        N/A has nylon slide tab
9   jet needle clip                    see above Bing Puch 4
10 jet needle (substitute)         see above Bing Puch 5
11 throttle slide                       N/A
14 inlet screw M4-0.7×15           see hardware M4x15 phillips 
25 needle jet                              N/A
26 main jet 54 (2.0hp)                 see Bing Jets M4.0 – 54
26 main jet 52 (1.5hp)                 see Bing Jets M4.0 – 52
31 float bowl gasket                      $12
32 float needle                          see above Bing Puch 20
33 float                                    N/A
34 hinge pin                              N/A
35 float bowl                             N/A
36 clamp mount plastic sleeve      N/A  not shown
37 carburetor (2.0hp) 18/12/107  N/A
37 carburetor (1.5hp) 18/12/106  N/A




Bing 18-12-118 carb

Bing 18-12-118 carb

Bing 18-12-118 carb

Bing 18-12-118 carb










Magnum X BingPuch Magnum X8.  B I N G    M A G N U M – X    C A R B S

Bing 17mm replica carb for Puch Magnum X


The Puch Magnum-X was a off road mini-motorcycle. It had a moped engine, but was not limited in power and speed like the street-legal mopeds were. So it had a bigger 17mm carb instead of 14 or 12. It looks like a Kreidler Bing, but is larger.


1    carburetor 1/17/169        N/A   replica carbs are sold online
2    rubber boot for cable      see Cable Parts
3    cable adjuster M6 x 0.75  see Cable Parts A13
4    lock nut thin M6 x 0.75    see Cable Parts A7d
5    carb top                        N/A  bigger than Puch
6    top gasket                     N/A  bigger than Puch
7    throttle spring                N/A  bigger than Puch
8    washer                         N/A  bigger than Puch
9    needle clip                     N/A  bigger than Puch
10  jet needle 1-mark           see above Bing Puch 4
11  throttle slide                  N/A  bigger than Puch
12  carburetor body bare      N/A
13  float bowl                      see above Bing Puch 21
14  float                             see above Bing Puch 18
15  float needle                   see above Bing Puch 20
16  hinge pin                       see above Bing Puch 19
17  bowl gasket                   see above Bing Puch 22
18  needle jet 2.22               see above Bing Puch 2
19  main jet #84                  see below Bing Jets M3.5 – 84
20  fuel inlet M8 x 0.75    see above Bing Kreidler 11
                  can use swivel  see above Bing Puch 24,25,26         
21  seal washer M8             see above Bing Puch 26
22  fuel filter                     see above Bing Puch 27
23  choke rod                     N/A
24  choke clip                    see above Bing Puch 13
25  choke slide                   $12  bigger than Puch
26  top screws M4              see above Bing Puch 10
27  idle screw M6 x 0.75      N/A  bigger than Puch
28  idle screw spring           N/A  bigger than Puch
29  clamp screw                 see above Bing Puch 28
30  primer/tickler               see above Bing Puch 29
31  primer spring                see above Bing Puch 30
32  cottor pin                     see above Bing Puch 31
33  air jet                           N/A

Bing Magnum-X cut away

Here is a beautiful cut-away grey-scale illustration, from the Danish website This Bing has the all-metal float needle 15. The float has no slot because it only pushes on the needle. The Puch Magnum-X Bing above has the rubber-tip float needle that has a T top that slides into a slot in the float. On that kind, the float can push and pull on the needle. The all-metal type is on older Bings, in general.

This Bing has an idle air jet 33. This helps to break up the liquid gasoline into smaller droplets, like a mist. 




Bing Jets

October 26, 2011

Bing jets for Puch, Encarwi (Batavus M48, Tomos A3, Trac M56), Solo, Kreidler are M3.5 x 0.6 threads.

Bing jets for Sachs square Bing are bigger, size M4.0 x 0.7 threads. This is also a Dellorto pilot jet thread.

  • bing crown

    Bing crown logo
    on original jets

    The meaning of “jet size” depends on the jet maker. This has caused much confusion.

  •       For Bing originals, a size 50 jet has a 0.478 mm hole, not 0.500.
  •       For Bing generics, a size 50 jet has a 0.500 mm hole.
  •       For Dellorto originals,   a 50 jet has a 0.533 mm hole, not 0.500.
  • So Bing jets are smaller than they say, and Dellorto jets are bigger than they say.
  • Many or most aftermarket jets are what they say. The graph shows the true sizes. 


           Bing Jets (3.5 mm) 

Part No.    Maker    Jet Number   Actual Hole Size    Price     Applications

209116     Bing orig #46 original  0.0175″=0.445mm    N/A   76-83 Tomos early A3 models (30, 25, and 20mph)
209116     modified #xx =Bing46  0.0175″=0.445mm   $18   (made from a 52 soldered or smashed and redrilled)
44021/48  Bing orig #48 original  0.0182″=0.462mm    N/A   78-80 Puch (2-spd hi torque Ø12 carb 20mph)
44021/50  Bing orig #50 original  0.0188″=0.478mm    N/A   76-78 Batavus (Laura M48 Ø8 carb 20mph)
44021/52  Bing orig #52 original  0.0194″=0.493mm     $7   76-78 Batavus (Laura M48 Ø8 carb 25 mph)
335000     generic  #50 =Bing53 0.0195″=0.495mm     $7
44021/54  Bing orig #54 original  0.0200″=0.508mm     $7   74-83 Puch (1-spd alum. cylinder, Ø12 carb 2.22, 20mph)
335200     generic  #52 =Bing55 0.0204″=0.518mm     $7
44021/56  Bing orig #56 original  0.0206″=0.523mm    N/A   77-80 Batavus M48 and M56 (30), 80-83 Trac M56 models
44021/58  Bing orig #58 original  0.0213″=0.541mm    N/A   78-83 Puch (2-spd hi torque cyl. Ø12 carb 2.22 30mph)
335600     generic  #56 =Bing59 0.0217″=0.551mm     $7
44021/60  Bing orig #60 original  0.0222″=0.564mm    N/A   78-83 Puch (1-spd hi torque cyl. Ø12 carb 2.22 30mph)
335800     generic  #58 =Bing62 0.0228″=0.579mm     $7
44021/62  Bing orig #62 original  0.0229″=0.582mm     $7
44021/64  Bing orig #64 original  0.0234″=0.594mm    N/A   74-83 Puch (1-spd al cyl Ø14 carb 2.22 needle jet 30mph)
336000     generic  #60 =Bing64 0.0235″=0.597mm     $7
44021/66  Bing orig #66 original  0.0239″=0.607mm    N/A
336200     generic  #62 =Bing67 0.0242″=0.615mm     $7
44021/68  Bing orig #68 original  0.0248″=0.630mm    N/A   78 Sears (1s al cyl Ø14 carb 30mph), Kreidler Flory (30mph)
336400     generic  #64 =Bing68 0.0248″=0.630mm     $7
44021/70  Bing orig #70 original  0.0254″=0.645mm    N/A   84-86 Puch Cobra (Ø14 carb, 2.17 needle jet 25mph)
336600     generic  #66 =Bing71 0.0258″=0.655mm     $7
44021/72  Bing orig #72 original  0.0260″=0.660mm    N/A   84-86 Puchs had bigger main jets, but smaller needle jets.
44021/74  Bing orig #74 original  0.0267″=0.678mm    N/A   1990’s Puch remakes also had 70’s jets, 2.17 needle jets.
336800     generic  #68 =Bing74 0.0268″=0.681mm     $7
44021/76  Bing orig #76 original  0.0273″=0.693mm    N/A
337000     generic  #70 =Bing77 0.0278″=0.706mm     $7
44021/78  Bing orig #78 original  0.0280″=0.711mm    N/A
44021/80  Bing orig #80 original  0.0287″=0.729mm    N/A
44021/82  Bing orig #82 original  0.0294″=0.747mm     $7  2000’s Bing Ø15 carb with smaller 2.17 needle jet

           Bing Jets (4.0 mm) 

Part No.      Maker    Jet Number    Actual Hole Size    Price     Applications

243222      Dellorto  #25 =Bing27 0.0107″=0.272mm     $8  Tomos A55 pilot (idle) jet
243110      Dellorto  #29 =Bing31 0.0124″=0.314mm     $8   same as Tomos #25 idle jet “cleaned” with #80 drill
D1486-030 Dellorto  #30 =Bing33 0.0128″=0.325mm     $8
D1486-032 Dellorto  #32 =Bing35 0.014″ = 0.355 mm    $8
D1486-035 Dellorto  #35 =Bing39 0.0149″=0.378mm    N/A
D1486-040 Dellorto  #40 =Bing45 0.0170″=0.431mm     $8
44031/45   Bing orig #45 original  0.0171″=0.434mm    N/A   Sachs 504/1A DK (19mph)
44031/48   Bing orig #48 original  0.018″ = 0.46mm      $8
D1486-043 Dellorto  #43 =Bing49 0.0182″=0.462mm    N/A
44031/50   Bing orig #50 original  0.0183″=0.465mm     $8  Sachs 504/1B and 505/1B (Ø10 carb 20mph)
D1486-044 Dellorto  #44 =Bing51 0.0187″=0.475mm    N/A
D1486-045 Dellorto  #45 =Bing52 0.0190″=0.483mm     $8
44031/52   Bing orig #52 original  0.0190″=0.483mm    N/A   Sachs 504/1A and 505/1A (Ø12 carb 30mph)
D1486-046 Dellorto  #46 =Bing53 0.0194″=0.493mm    N/A
D1486-047 Dellorto  #47 =Bing54 0.0198″=0.503mm    N/A
D1486-048 Dellorto  #48 =Bing55 0.0202″=0.513mm     $8  Sachs 504/1A and 505/1A (without air filter box)
D1486-049 Dellorto  #49 =Bing56 0.0207″=0.526mm    N/A
D1486-050 Dellorto  #50 =Bing57 0.0210″=0.533mm    N/A
44031/58   Bing orig #58 original  0.0213″=0.541mm     $8 Sachs 504/1D and 505/1D (Ø12 D-carb 30mph)
D1486-051  Dellorto  #51 =Bing59 0.0215″=0.546mm    N/A
D1486-055 Dellorto  #55 =Bing63 0.023″ = 0.58 mm      $8
D1486-060 Dellorto  #60 =Bing69 0.025″ =0.635mm      $8




Bing Carburetor Service

May 3, 2008
Bing VergaserWelcome, Carb Elbows: Long and Short         Scroll Down to See Topic 
1. Exploded View and Parts Names
2. Carburetor Service Info Sheet
3. Bing Float Needles: Rubber tip and Metal tip
4. Fuel Mixture is Controlled by Five Things

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Sachs Bings can have long or short cable elbows.

Puch Bings can have long or short cable elbows.











Sachs Bing Cable Elbows: Left photo above, left is the long carb elbow, used on KTM Foxi, Sparta Buddy, and most Sparta Foxi models. Right, is the short carb elbow used on other Sachs engine models. The Sachs elbows are 7mm, not 6mm threads like Puch ones. The bigger elbow allows the throttle cable small end to pass through the 6mm adjuster. So Sachs double-ended throttle cables do not come with adjusters. The adjuster stays with the elbow. Puch Bings have 6mm elbow threads, and 5mm adjuster threads, too small for the cable end to pass through. So Puch double ended throttle cables have the 5mm adjuster trapped in them.    

Puch Bing Cable Elbows: Right photo above, left is the long carb elbow, used on Maxi models, also with the black choke extension. Right, is the short carb elbow used on Magnum type models. The current aftermarket “Puch” throttle cables are made for the short carb elbow. They idle way fast if used with the long elbow, because the slide is not allowed to go fully down to idle. Myrons sells a long elbow throttle cable, for Puch Maxi, made from a modified “Puch” throttle cable. The wire needs to be about 12mm longer. The long elbow comes on Maxi type sheet metal frame models. The short elbow comes on Magnum type tube frames, such as Sears Free Spirit or JC Penney Pinto. The short elbow is so your foot does not hit it when you get on and off the bike. See the exploded view diagram below. Other Bing moped (under 15mm venturi) carburetors are the Sachs Bing, Kreidler Bing, Solo Bing, Tomos Encarwi, Batavus Encarwi, Trac Encarwi. Much bigger Bing carburetors are also on BMW, KTM, Penton, Sachs, Maico, DKW motorcycles, all made in or near Germany.


1. Exploded View and Parts Names
















2. Carburetor Service Info Sheet

Below, the choke slide and throttle slide must be installed simultaneously. It is difficult. The throttle slide has a slot that must line up with a prong in the carb body. The top of the choke slide slides onto a deep wide notch at the bottom of the choke rod, so moving the choke rod moves the choke slide. It often gets left out or disconnected. When the choke slide is disconnected from the choke rod, the choke will be “on”, blocking off the air supply, whenever the throttle slide is down or closed. Normally when a Puch is given full throttle, the choke slide and rod are lifted all the way up until it clicks. The click is the choke rod clip #24 settling into the clip groove near the middle of the choke rod #23. When the throttle cable is not adjusted tight enough, the choke is not lifted all the way off, and it does not click until you manually reach down and pull up on the choke rod. When the throttle cable is adjusted too tight, the engine races and does not idle slow, even with the idle screw loosened all the way. See also General Carburetor Service and Jetting for how to clean and adjust carbs in general. 


White Flakes

These white flakes were the cause of a customer’s Puch not running. By chance a tiny spec broke off and lodged in the main jet.






















3. Bing Float Needles 

All “Bing Puch Carbs” have the slotted float type float needle with a rubber cone tip, except for some of the Sears Free Spirit 1/14/163  and 1/14/164 carbs, which have a Sachs Bing type float needle that does not lock into a slot in the float and has a metal cone tip.

4. What part controls mixture depends on how much throttle opening

Slide Carburetors Diagram

Jet Drills

January 27, 2007

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