Domino “80’s-90’s Solex”

S. Domino “80’s-90’s Solex”

1999-05 Solex 3800

1986-88 Solex 3800

SB and SA controls for 1986-2005 Solex








This right control is special for late model Solex.  It was on 1986-88 S 3800 made in France  by Motobecane, and the re-make of that, 1999-2005 Solex 3800 made in Hungary by Impex. The throttle is self-closing, unlike most older Solex’s. What’s special is the front (right) brake also controls the throttle (gas). So it has an “either or” mechanism.


4. Domino late 80’s controls on 1999-05 Impex Solex 3800

0SA00  R control assembly
0S500  R housing
0S600  twist tube plastic
0D000  R grip 25 x 120
0S800  cursor to brake cable
0S900  cursor to throttle cable
10  P20R  R brake lever
11  S110  throttle cover
12  D14K  brake cable anchor pin
13  S130  cover screw
14  D800  brake pivot bolt
15  D700  pivot bolt nut M6 flange
16  D160  clamp bolt   M6 x 18 allen
17  D150  clamp tube
18  S180  L housing
19  SB00  L control assembly
21  D000  L grip 22 x 120
22  P20L  L brake lever
23  D000  decomp lever
24  D000  decomp lever retaining ring