Installing Rings

June 17, 2015

How to install piston rings

Everyone breaks piston rings, at first. This video should help:.






Measuring wear: A new piston ring is a the best tool to measure how worn a cylinder is. Conversely, a new cylinder is the best tool to measure how worn a ring is. To measure the wear of a ring, you need a perfectly round cylinder of a precisely known bore. A worn cylinder that has not been honed will still have it’s original new bore at the very top, above where the rings rub at. A new ring in a new cylinder should have a very small end gap of .004 to .008″. A worn but still OK cylinder with a new ring will have a gap of .0010 to .018″. A worn cylinder and ring both will have an end gap of over .020″(.5mm). A badly worn cylinder and/or ring will have a huge gap, over .030″(.75mm). You measure ring gap with a feeler gauge.