Parts for 1986-1991 Tomos A3 Bullet

February 10, 2012
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1 Engine               2 Crank, Clutch       3 Transmission       4 Oil Injection        5 Starter Mech        6 Magneto, Ignition
7 Carburetor         9 Ex,Seat,Rack      10 Covers, Fairing   11 Frame Parts       14 Decals                15 Fork
16 Bars, Controls  17 Front Wheel      18 Rear Wheel        19 Electrical Parts

1987 Tomos A3 Bullet

1987 Tomos A3 Bullet TT

Welcome to the 1986-1991 Bullet Parts Gallery. Vehicle Identification Number (digits 5, 6, 10) examples:

Bullet 1986 pedal: VY2A3011#HK######             Bullet TT 1990 pedal:  VY2A3111#LK######

One Parts manuals is here, with prices. Many additions and improvements.

Substitute parts are labeled with a Z and shaded light green. They can replace an original part that is not available, or offer an optional style or color. We don’t like N/A either!

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