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July 13, 2012

 NVT   made in England by Norton Villiers Triumph    Morini MO-1England flag


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1977 NVT Easy Rider



Scorpion           made in England by NVT       Morini MO-1 or MO-2 engine

Scorpion ID plate

The Scorpion ID plate says “manufactured by Scorpion Inc, Crosby Minnesota USA” but the bike is identical to an NVT made in England. It was made in England but re-branded in Minnesota.

SC1: The Scorpion SC1 had a Morini MO-1 engine, made in Italy, re-branded and labeled as a Cuyana engine. Weight 102 lbs.

SC2: The Scorpion SC2 had a Morini MO-2 engine, also called Cuyana. Scorpion wanted to hide the true identity of the frame and engine. Weight 105 lbs.

SC2X: The Scorpion SC2X had a Morini MO-2 engine, a top-mount horizontal gas tank, and a long two-person seat with a storage compartment. Weight 113 lbs.


Info Scorpion

Info Scorpion


1977 Scorpion SC1