Electrical parts: Lights, Bulbs, Switches, Wiring, Horn, Battery

September 13, 2012

CONTENTS:  Welcome   1  Bulbs  2 Horns  3 Switches  4 Headlights  5 Tail Lights  6 Batteries  7 Wiring

Welcome.  Most European made mopeds from about 1970 – 2000 have high quality CEV electrical components, made in Italy. CEV is a trade mark, owned by Fratelli Pagani, that stands for Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Venegonesi. CEV is now owned by Zadi, a maker of moped fork locks. Other European moped electrical components include switches made by Merit, tail lights, head lights and turn signals made by ULO (Germany), head lights made by Luxor (France). Some American moped electrical components are headlights, tail lights made by Peterson (USA). Asian mopeds have their own components, which are often the same as earlier Honda items. The Czech moped, Jawa, has it’s own components.  

1   B U L B S


Light bulbs are very universal. Most moped light bulbs are standard automotive bulbs. Moped 4.5 inch round head lights are the same as some tractor lights, auto and motorcycle fog lights, forklift, golf cart, utility vehicle lights. Most bulbs are made in 6 volt or 12 volt versions, But finding 6V bulbs is difficult since all cars are 12V since the 1970′s.

In all of these magneto/generator powered head lights, a 12 volt bulb will replace a 6 volt one, and be almost as bright.    

part#    pic#     volts watts   base#  bulb#  style                  price     applications/comments
                 6  bulb  6V 0.6w     BA7s   7mm tiny bayonet              $2.00  use 12V 2W for less chance of burn-out 
ELB1262   6  bulb  6V 1.5w     BA7s   Puch speedo lite                  $1.50  use 12V 2W for less chance of burn-out 
ELB3898   6  bulb 12V 2w       BA7s   Tomos & MB speedo lite      $1.50  78-80 Motobecane/03-07 Tomos/other VDO
200002    4  bulb  6V 1w         BA9s   GE#51  9mm bayonet         $1.50
200003    4  bulb 12V 2w        BA9s   GE#53  Tomos dash           $1.00  87-on Tomos/many Japanese
ELB3893   4  bulb 12V 4w       BA9s   9mm bayonet                     $2.00
PeuSpdo        bulb  6V 1 or 2w   E10    10mm screw-in                  $1.50  76-80 Peugeot speedometer
SolexHL         bulb  6V 2 or 3w   E10    10mm screw-in yellow       $2.00  early Solex 3800 head light
ELB5006   3  bulb  6V 5w        BA15s  GE#63  Puch tail lite          $2.00  77-later Puch must have this to be bright
ELB5001   3  bulb  6V 10w      BA15s  GE#81  15mm base           $2.00
ELB57       3  bulb 12V 5w       BA15s  GE#67  15mm single          $1.50
ELB89       3  bulb 12V 10w      BA15s  GE#89  15mm bayonet      $1.50
ELB1129   2  bulb  6V 18w      BA15s   GE#1129  1 filament         $2.00  modern 1129 is 6V 18 watt
H101C      2  bulb  6V 21w      BA15s   Puch head lite                    $2.00  1970′s 1129 was 6V 21 watt
ELB1156   2  bulb 12V 21w      BA15s  GE#1156  15mm bayonet  $2.00
vespaTL    1  bulb  6V 3/15w   BA15d  15mm dual filament           $3.00  Vespa Ciao tail light
ELB1154   1  bulb  6V 21/5w   BA15d  GE#1154  15mm dual        $2.00
ELB1157   1  bulb 12V 21/5w   BA15d  GE#1157 15 bayonet dual  $1.50
               15  bulb  6V 25/25w BA20d            20mm bayonet dual  $12.00  Derbi Variant Sport 1986-89
200018  15  bulb 12V 35/35w BA20d           20mm bayonet dual  $7.00  Tomos Revival/Streetmate
44701     15  bulb 12V 25/25w BA20d           20mm bayonet dual  $9.00  Tomos 1990-later square HL
200023         bulb 12V 15w      P26s        26 x 15 flange type        $9.00  Tomos Arrow-R and Streetmate-R (dual light)
10626.5    5  bulb  6V 1.5w      festoon  looks like fuse                    n.a.
ELB6428   5  bulb 12V 3w        SV7-8    festoon                             $2.00
200019         bulb 12V 10w      festoon  48 x 12mm approx.           $2.00
44687      7  bulb  6V 1.2w     all glass 5mm  CEV speedometer      $2.00
ELB74      7  bulb 12V 1.2w    all glass  #74  CEV speedometer       $2.00
ELB194         bulb 12V 3w       all glass wedge  #194                      $2.00
GE4667  10  bulb  6V 18w    4.5″sealed beam #4667 rear prongs    n.a.   must de-pin the 2-pin plug & use 4667-1
GE4667-1     bulb  6V 18w   4.5″sealed beam 4667-1 side prongs $10.00 Vespa
CEV171  10  bulb  6V 21w   4.5″sealed beam CEV171 rear prongs   n.a.  can cut hole in steel back for upgrade
GE4767  10  bulb  6V 25w   4.5″sealed beam #4767 rear prongs    n.a.  Peugeot original has more watts
W4158          bulb  6V 25w    4.5″sealed beam #4158 2-screws       n.a.   Motobecane 76-77 original (Westinghouse)
201008         bulb 12V 25w     4.5″sealed beam #4568  2-screws     n.a.  Motobecane 78-80 original (Westinghouse)
GE4776         bulb 12V 25w    4.5″sealed beam #4776 2-screws       n.a.  Motobecane 78-80 (General Electric)
200082         bulb 12V 35w     4.5″sealed beam #4416 spot lamp  $15.00  narrow beam, smooth glass (Wagner)
200080         bulb 12V 35w     4.5″sealed beam #4415 fog lamp    $17.00  normal beam, normal glass (Wagner)
CEV172  12  bulb  6V 25/25 4.5″sealed beam CEV172 3-prong       n.a.  can cut hole in steel back for upgrade
200084  12  bulb 12V 40/40 4.5″sealed beam #4440 3-prong   $25.00 
E8764           socket snap-on for BA15s bulbs such as #1156         $6.00  for steel-back-headlight recycling
04811     11  socket BA15s for CEV glass lens/reflector                  $13.00
18890       9  clip for CEV socket 04811                                           $1.00
CEV171R    8  glass lens/reflector CEV 171 new w/04811              $45.00 
CEVused    8  glass lens/reflector recycled w/socket                       $35.00  says either CEV171 or 172 on glass
10343           w-clip CEV for holding glass to rim uses 4-5                $1.00  for CEV rims
LuxorW         w-clip Luxor for holding glass to rim uses 4-5              $1.50  for Luxor rims


Bulbs are specified by their style, size, voltage, and wattage. #1,#2,#3 are bayonet style 15mm, BA15s and BA15d, where you push it in first a little, then turn it clockwise 45 degrees to go on, or counterclockwise to take off. A single filament bayonet bulb can go two ways, but a double filament only goes in one way. That’s because one prong is higher than the other on a dual filament. That’s so you can’t reverse the tail and brake lights. The BA20d hi/lo headlites are the same way. The smaller bayonets are #4, 9mm BA9S, and #6, 7mm BA7S. #5 is a festoon style bulb that looks like a glass fuse but it’s not. It’s a high beam indicator lite.

#10 and #12 are sealed beam 4 1/2″ round headlites, where the bulb is sealed inside the glass reflector and lens. Sealed beam bulbs cost much more than replaceable ones so it’s practical to upgrade to a replaceable bulb whenever possible. When your burned out sealed beam headlite is made out of metal, on the back, not glass, then Myrons Mopeds can recycle it, for $22 plus $8 parts plus shipping. Many vintage Japanese and European small motorcycles and mopeds have hard to get sealed beam bulbs, such as CEV171 or 172, with metal backs. A hole is cut and a universal bulb socket snaps in. The original wire plug(s) are re-used. The bulb is a single filament, easy to get at convenience stores, #1156. If the original had hi/lo beam, then it will have just low after the upgrade.

Above, any metal-backed (not glass) headlight can be recycled. Cut a hole and snap in a socket for an #1156 bulb.

Mopeds frequently burn out bulbs, from both vibration and surges of electricity. Because there’s no battery, the voltage varies a little. At idle the lights are very dim, but at full speed they’re bright. Hopefully they’re not bright white, as that means it might burn out soon. Yellow is good but orange is too dim. For some reason, most old 6 volt mopeds need 12 volt bulbs, or else they burn out. Some bikes need a 12V AC voltage regulator ($45) added on in addition to 12V bulbs, to help prevent bulb burn out. Only when 12V bulbs are too dim should 6V ones be used, with the following exception. The 77-later Puch needs a 6V 21W #1129 instead of a 12V 21W #1156, in order for the tail lite to be bright. Other bikes have issues where the brake light is needed for the ignition to function. Some taillights have a secret hidden resistor inside, that allows the bike to run even with a burned out or missing brake light bulb. See service section for more info about weird light behavior and what mopeds need what lights to run, if any.


L to R: 1) 4.5″ sealed beam, 6V 18W, #4667, 2) 4.5″ sealed beam, 12V 35W #4415, 3) 4.5″ head light fixture for a replaceable bulb. Click to enlarge.




2   S W I T C H E S


All European mopeds, USA models, 1970′s and later, had CEV switches, except Puch, Motobecane, and Jawa.
Part.#…… # Description Price Applications
…………S…W…I…T…C…H…E…S………… many.switches.are.not.available
ELO316 switch.brake.lite..connector..sm.blade $0.50 fits.every.European.moped
in.the.bike.the.button.is.normally.in in.your.hand.the.button.is.normally.out
this.is.a.source.of.confusion. NO.installed=NC.in-hand.and.vice.versa
222002 26 switch.brake.lite..norm.open.installed $20.00 scarce..Myrons.is.making.some.soon
9342 26 switch.brake.lite..nor..closed.installed $20.00 scarce..Myrons.is.making.some.soon
227191 switch.brake.lite..norm.open.installed $12.00 longer.for.92-07.Tomos.black.levers
15863 25 switch.brake.lite..black.rubber.cover $2.00
201080 switch..universal.kill.button..clamp.on $10.00 all.mopeds
8177.1 1 switch..R.stop..CEV.round.chrome $25.00
8040.5 2 switch..L.lite/horn..CEV.round.chrome $20.00
none switch.clamp..CEV.round.chrome.R/L $6.00
none switch.cap..R.stop..CEV.round.chrome $6.00
none switch.cap..L.lite/h..CEV.round.chrome $6.00
8053.1 3 switch..turn.signal..CEV.round.chrome N/A  see below for substitute
8052.1 18 switch..60′s.CEV.clamp-on.stop/lite&h N/A
MP342 4 switch..R.stop.Merit.long.round.chrome N/A Puch Maxi
none 5 switch..L.lite.Merit.LRC..nor.open.horn $30.00 Peugeot.103/74-76 .Puch.
MP343 6 switch..L.lite.Merit.LRC..n.c.horn.Puch N/A Puch Maxi
none switch.cap..R.stop.Merit.long.round.cr $3.00 Puch Maxi
none switch.cap..L.Lite.Merit.long.round.cr $5.00 Puch Maxi
none switch.clamp.assy..Merit.LRc.style.Puch $3.00 Puch Maxi
none switch..Merit.LRC..internal.2mm.screw $1.00 Puch Maxi
MP342A 7A switch..R.stop.Merit.square.blk.plastic $20.00 78-on Puch Maxi Luxe/Newport/Magnum
MP342B 7B switch.mount..R.stop.Merit.SBp.Puch $40.00 this.is.what.breaks.easy.and.is.scarce
MP343A 8A switch..L.lite&h.Merit.square.blk.plast $30.00 good used, cleaned, serviced, checked
MP343B 8B switch.mount..L.lite&h.Merit.SBp.Puch $40.00 this.is.what.breaks.easy.and.is.scarce
none switch.mount.clamp..sBp.style.Puch. $2.00
none switch.mount.clamp.screw..sBp.takes.2 $0.50
8189 10 switch..R.stop..CEV.plastic.early.80′s $15.00 80-84.Trac
8188 11 switch..L.lite.&.horn.(n.o)..CEV.plastic $15.00
8190 12 switch..L.lite.hi/lo.&.horn..CEV.plastic $25.00
none switch.connector..CEV.plastic.takes.2-3 $1.00
none switch.mount.clamp..CEV.plastic.style $2.00
none switch.mount.clamp.screw..cp.takes.2. $0.50
8191 9 switch.in.lever..R.stop.&.turn..CEV.rect. $20.00
8192 24 switch.in.lever..L.horn..CEV.r-diamond $15.00
8193 17 switch.in.lever..L.lite&h..CEV.diamond. N/A
8194 16 switch.in.lever..R.stop..CEV.diamond. N/A
8167.2 13 switch.L.CEV.console..lt&h/hi/lo/flash $30.00
8166.1 14 switch.L.CEV.console..horn/hi/lo/flash N/A
none switch.L.CEV.console..internal.pieces in.stock
none 15 switch.mount..CEV.console..blk.alum $5.00  no clamp, no grommet, needs repainting
none switch.mount.clamp..CEV.console..al $10.00  all good but needs repainting
6x16allen switch.clamp.screw..cc.M6.allen.takes2 $0.50
none switch.console.screw..cc.M3x25.appr $1.00
8109 23 switch.in.lever.L.lite&h.CEV.oval.Garelli N/A
need 24 switch.in.lever..R.stop.CEV.oval.Garelli N/A
8215 21 switch.in.lever..R.stop&turn.CEV.lt.80s N/A
222427 19 switch.in.lever..R.stop&l.CEV.late.80′s $30.00
222426 20 switch.in.lever..L.h.&.turn.CEV.late.80′s $35.00
222429 switch.in.lever..L.horn.CEV.late.80′s $25.00
632839 switch.in.lever..R.stop.CEV.90′s $20.00
632840 switch.in.lever..L.lite.&.horn.CEV.90′s $25.00
227001 switch.in.lever..L.lite.horn.turn.CEV.90s $35.00


CEV 8053.1 Turn Signal Switch Substitute (made from a 8041 cap and a 8040.3 base)

CEV turn signal switch substitute

CEV 8053.1 substitute
left: 8041 switch assy
right: 8040.3 base top

CEV TS switch bottom view

CEV 8053.1 substitute
CEV 8040.3 bottom view
before cutting jumper

CEV TS switch mods

CEV 8053.1 substitute
top: original cap & base
bottom: modified ones

CEV TS switch cap R - orig CEV 2041 cap

CEV 8053.1 substitute
R – orig CEV 2041 cap
L – button cut and glued






The CEV 8053.1 is a handlebar mount, left side clamp-on, 3-position turn signal switch, Left-Off-Right, that came on 1970′s mopeds with CEV turn signals. It is a “round chrome” style switch that shares the same clamp with other CEV round chrome switches. For $15 you can buy the 8041 light/horn switch assy, and the 8040.3 light/horn switch base, needed to make a substitute 8053.1. Or for $25 each, you can order the substitute 8053.1 ready to install. It will have a “dummy” button that does nothing but hide the hole.


3   H O R N S


Most mopeds do not have a battery, so the electricity is all AC alternating current. Some mopeds and almost all motorcycles have a battery, usually 12 volt. Their electricity can be all DC or part DC and part AC. An incandescent light bulb works the same on AC or DC, but a horn is made for either AC or DC. DC current horns go beeeeeeeep, like a little cute car horn. AC horns sound like the buzzer when you get a wrong answer on a TV game show. AC horns also sound like duck callers. The pitch goes up with the rpm of the engine. They’re not much louder than the engine.

It is difficult to sell used or new old stock AC horns that were made 35 years ago. If they haven’t been kept in a sealed wrapper, then they might not work good, even though they’re new. It’s because corrosion can get on the aluminum plate. Furthermore, you cannot easily tell whether a horn is good or bad. You cannot easily look inside because it is riveted together. You cannot perform a valid test of it unless you have the moped it is intended to go on, running, with working horn wires and button. Because the AC an vary from one kind to another, and from a new one to an old one of the same kind, you never know if a horn that works on a Peugeot for example, would work on a Puch, until you try it. Or it might work good on Puch at low rpm, but not high. Maybe visa versa on Garelli. It also matters whether the head light is off or on. Many AC horns will not work, or are not loud, unless the headlight is off.

Myrons Mopeds has some 6V AC horns, but they are only offered when the running good moped is present in the shop and able to easily attach the horn to test it. The price is usually $20-25 for a good used AC horn.

All modern scooters and motorcycles have 12 volt DC horns. They are common. Some older Taiwanese mopeds have 6 volt DC horns. AC buzzers are “old school” and are not on anything modern. So there are no known freshly made replacements.


4   H E A D L I G H T S


These are the CEV 4 1/2″ round headlights. There are others:  Taiwan, Luxor/Novi, Inox (Magnum), Jawa, AMF.

Part # # ←picture#………Description Price      Applications
###### ### ############################# #### ##################################
…… H E A D… L I G H T S…… SB = sealed beam   rep = replaceable
18541 1 screw 3mm for 1211 plastic takes 3 $1
04910 2 glass lens for CEV1211 $45
04909 3 housing for CEV1211 w/bulb socket $5
3444 4 M6 lock washer
3171 5 M6 x 20 hex bolt/pair w/washers $1
19782 6 rear cover plate for CEV1211 $2
1211 7 pancake headlight CEV1211/rep-bulb $50 Derbi/Tomos/others
3309 8 M5 x 15 slot head bolt $1
04522 9 rim CEV Tipo 105 new $20 mint fresh condition
04522 9 rim CEV Tipo 105 used $10 minor scratch or dent but good
10343 10 regular headlight clip “W” type $1 takes 3 to 6, equal spaced, snaps in, no tools
10343 10 continued … this clip is different from French or Taiwan ones
04525.6B 11 round housing for CEV2143 $20 gloss black on most, matte black on Peugeot
04525.6B 11 round housing for CEV2143 used $10
2143 12 round headlight CEV2143/SB-bulb $55
2157 12 round headlight CEV2157/rep-bulb $70
2152 13 round headlight CEV2152/SB/Hi-lite N/A Kreidler
10626.5 14 hi beam indicator bulb (looks like fuse) $2 12 volt one only, festoon bulb
0007.12 15 hi beam indicator socket no jewel $7 KTM Foxi, Sparta Foxi, Cimatti, Kreidler
hi beam 16 hi beam indicator jewel w/socket new $25 these get sun damaged
17 round housing for CEV2152 (=2143 + hole) ? Kreidler
00096B 18 bullet housing for 2139/2158 $30
00096B 18 bullet housing for 2139/2158 used $15
2139 19 bullet headlight CEV2139/SB-bulb $60
2158 19 bullet headlight CEV2158/rep-bulb $75 FOR NEW TOMOS BULLET HEADLITE OPTION
2155 20 bullet headlight CEV2155 no bulb used $35 Cimatti/Foxi with hi beam indicator on top
000963B 21 bullet housing for CEV2155 used $15


Far right, a CEV 2158 “bullet” headlight. It comes with a block off plate over the speedometer hole. Most European moped speedometers fit into the hole, such as CEV, VDO, Huret, Veglia. Japanese made Tatung speedos are too small. besides the beautiful classic look, hiding most of the wiring inside, the glass fixture features a replaceable bulb socket, a big benefit. With sealed beam headlights, when they (often) burn out you have to buy a whole new glass, that’s both expensive and difficult to find. But with a non-sealed beam (replaceable bulb) fixture, you can change the small 15mm bulb inside. It’s a common automotive bulb #1156 (12V 21W) or #1129 (6V21W). You can get an 1156 at all night convenience stores for $1 or $2. Another benefit is you can run an LED bulb, or any 1156 compatible. That’s a single prong bulb. No high beam, just low.




5   T A I L   L I G H T S


Under construction…



6   B A T T E R I E S


Model   V  Ah  Shape  Width  Height  Depth 
 6N2     6   2      flat    2 3/4   3 3/4   1 3/4
 6N2A   6   2     tall     2 3/4   4 1/8   1 3/4
 6N4     6   4  square  2 3/4   3 5/8   2 5/8
 6N4A   6   4     tall     2 3/8   5 1/8   2 1/8
 6N4B   6   4     flat     3 7/8   3 7/8   1 3/4
 6N4C   6   4   short?
 6N5.5  6  5.5  norm   3 3/8   3 7/8   2 5/8
 BTX4L 12   4   sealed 4 3/8   3 1/2   2 5/8
 YB4L   12   4   norm   4 5/8   3 3/4   2 3/4

The number after “6N” means the amp-hours. A 6N2 will deliver 2 amps (12 watts at 6 volts) for 1 hour. A 6N4 will deliver 4 amps (24 watts at 6 volts) for 1 hour, or 1 amp for 4 hours. The bigger the battery is, the more amp hours it can produce. 

Part # # ←picture#………Description Price      Applications
###### ### ############################# #### ##################################
…… B…A…T…T…E…R…I…E…S…… in store sales – add $5 for adding the acid
none battery 5-pack of1.2V niCad Cateye TS N/A must buy each cell and join and bundle
781090 1 battery 6V 6N2-2A without acid $15 does not have “vintage” fuse and extra wire
battery 6V 6N2-2A vintage w/acid pack $30 Honda 1978-79 NC50 Express, 65-69 Honda S65
….continued > Taiwan mopeds: Indian, Lazer, Angel
4902003 battery 6V 6N2-2A-1 with acid packet $20
781003 2 battery 6V 6N2-2A-3 without acid $15 Yamaha 1972 JT2 mini, 70-72 Kawasaki G4TR
….continued > Kawasaki 1970-71 F5, 71-72 F8, F9
781082 3 battery 6V 6N2-2A-4 without acid $15 Suzuki 80-81 FA50 Shuttle, 1968 Model 31
….continued > Suzuki 1973-77 GT185
4902010 battery 6V 6N2-2A-8 with acid packet $20
6N2A2C1 4 battery 6V 6N2A-2C-1 without acid $15 Honda 1969-70 Z50A Mini Trail
781092 5 battery 6V 6N2A-2C-3  without acid $15 Honda 1977 NC50 Express, 73 SL70, 72-73 CT70
781016 6 battery 6V 6N4-2A without acid $15 Suzuki 1968 M12,K10,K10P, 1971 AC50,AS50
….continued > Suzuki TC90, 1968 K11, 1969 A100, 76-77 A100
….continued > Suzuki B100P,1969 AC100,AS100,73-77 TC100
….continued > Suzuki B105P,KT120
781079 battery 6V 6N4-2A-4  without acid N/A Honda 1967-68 P50, 79-80 XL100S
781067 battery 6V 6N4-2A-5 without acid N/A Yamaha QT50,YSR50,MJ50,LB50,LC50,GT80
….continued > Kawasaki MC1,G3SS,KH100,G5,G4TR,G3SS,F6,F7
781084 7 battery 6V 6N4-2A-8 without acid $15 Honda 1980-83 NC50 Express, 80-81 NA50 Express II
….continued > Honda 1980-82 CT70
781015 12 battery 6V 6N4A-4D without acid $15 Yamaha many early tall
4902036 8 battery 6V 6N4B-2A with acid packet $22 does not have “vintage” fuse and extra wire
battery 6V 6N4B-2A vintage w/acid pack $32 Suzuki 1979-80 OR50, 71 TC120, 73-77 TC125
….continued > Taiwan mopeds: General, Grycner, AMS
781063 9 battery 6V 6N4B-2A-3 without acid N/A Kawasaki 1973-75 F9, F11
battery 6V 6N4B-2A-5 without acid N/A Honda 1978-83 PA50 Hobbit
781055 battery 6V 6N4C-1B without acid N/A Honda 1974-79 CT70, 81-82 Honda XL100S
781021 10 battery 6V 6N5.5-1D without acid $20 Honda 1973-75 ST90, 1969 SL90, 67-70 CL90
4902075 battery 6V B39-6 (thin) with acid packet $30 Vespa Ciao, Bravo, Grande with blinkers
6N12A 11 battery 6V 6N12A-2D without acid $30 Early Vespa scooters
battery 12V YB4L-B Yuasa without acid $40 84-85 Honda Spree
492263 13 battery 12V CTX4L-BS with acid packet $40 Tomos battery models 2001-later
581306 battery 12V YTX4L-BS Yuasa w/acid pack $60 Tomos and most modern 50cc bikes

 Vintage Battery Wires: Some of the modern replacement 6 volt batteries have the wrong wires. See the image below at right, how the modern and vintage 6N2-2A and 6N4B-2A batteries have different wires. The word “vintage” used above means it has the older wires (with fuse, double female bullet, and extra wire). The vintage versions cost $10 more because the wires must be added on. Otherwise, the old battery’s wires can be transferred onto the new battery, by the customer, saving the $10.

Battery Wire Versions Taiwan 6V Mopeds

Battery Wire Versions
Taiwan 6V Mopeds

6 Volt Battery Chart 2008

6 Volt Battery Chart 2008

Battery Acid: The batteries that say “without acid” are sold dry and sealed, for freshness and maximum strength. Battery acid must be added before use, but it is not included with the battery. It’s sold in auto parts stores. Walk-in customers get the battery filled at the time of sale for $5 more. 

Battery Charging: All lead acid batteries need to be kept charged, at least every 2-3 months, or they will become weaker and weaker with age. After 2 years of sitting they are less than 25% of their original strength. That’s why these batteries are sold dry. For a lead acid battery, life begins at the moment the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid) is added. Read the instructions with each battery. Wear eye and skin protection. Use baking soda to neutralize spills.

7   W I R I N G



This is a main wiring harness for 3-or-more-coil moped magnetos (ignition, lights, brake light). It can be configured for 2-coil magnetos (ignition/brake light, lights). See below for possible configurations. It is shown as a photo and a schematic. It comes with the round chrome switches, right for engine stop, left for headlight and horn. Price is $65.


This is only the front main harness. A rear harness, engine to tail light, and connector block are needed to make a complete harness, but they’re not included.

Part # # ←picture#………Description Price      Applications
###### ### ############################# #### ##################################
O T H E R… E L E C T R I C A L
221582 regulator AC voltage 12V $45
regulator AC voltage 6V used MB $30
222428 flasher turn signal 12V 2-prong $7
223233 horn 12VAC black Tomos A35 N/A
201204 fuse blade 10A 5-pack $5

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