Fantic and Concord

July 13, 2012

Fantic History

1975-1980 logo

Garelli was an major Italian motorcycle and cyclemotor manufacturer , founded in 1919 by engineer Adalbarto Garelli. In 1960 Garelli merged with Agrati and used the name Agrati Garelli until the early 1990’s.

Agrati was an Italian scooter and cyclemotor manufacturer, founded in 1958. Agrati produced the 70cc, 80cc and 125cc Capri, the Rex Monaco and the 48cc Como. In 1960 Agrati merged with Garelli and used the name Agrati Garelli until 1968.

1969-1971 logo

Fantic Motor is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, founded in 1968 by two leading members of Agrati-Garelli, Dr. Mario Agrati and Henry Keppel-Hesselink. Dr. Mario Agrati was related to one of the founders of Agrati.

From Sheldons EMUTheir plan was to produce motorcycles for the American youth market. In 1969 the Lombard factory launched the famous Caballero which immediately met success with younger riders due to its technical superiority and competitive pricing. In 1973 the first 125 appeared, powered by a Minarelli engine built specifically for Fantic. Late 1970’s and early 80’s Fantic mopeds also had Minarelli engines built specifically for Fantic. See Minarelli engine scroll down to V1 engine fan versions and head versions. The Minarelli C2 also had Fantic coverings. Fantic engines were mostly made by Minarelli but always said “Fantic Motor”.

Fantic Models

1972 TI and TX7
pedal or kick
Minarelli P4, V1

Here is a 1972 Fantic Motor ad for TI and TX7 models.
The address is Sede e Stabilimento: via Statale, 22061 Barzago (CO)

Fantic models from Sheldons EMU    colors: enduro, minimoped, nopedUS moped

1975 50 GT Super 6
pedal/kick, Minarelli P6

1969  50cc Caballero, Bronco TC4 (Garelli 4-sp), 100cc Caballero

1970  50cc Caballero, Bronco TX6, TX7 (Min. P4), 100cc Caballero

1971  50cc Caballero, Bronco TX6, TX7 (Min. P4), 100cc Caballero

1972  50cc Caballero 4M, 6M, TI (Turismo Internazionale),
0000  Chopper, Bronco TX7, Diablo, Super Rocket
0000  100cc Caballero, Chopper

1973  50cc Caballero 4M, 6M, TI, Chopper, Diablo,
0000  Super Rocket125cc Caballero, Chopper

1976-82 Fantic

1974  50cc Caballero 4M, 6M, TI, Chopper, Diablo,
0000  Super Rocket125cc Caballero, Chopper

1975 50cc Chopper
Minarelli P6 engine

1975  50cc Diablo, RC Casa, GT Super 6M, Super Rocket,
0000  Caballero RC 6M125cc Caballero RC 5M, Chopper

1976  50cc Diablo, RC Casa, GT (Gran Turismo) Super 6M,
0000  Super RocketCaballero RC 6M125cc Caballero RC 5M, 6M

1977  50cc LeiIssimo, LeiRC Casa, GT Super 6M, RC Competizione,
0000  Super Rocket125cc Caballero RC (Regolarità Comp.) 6M, Trial

1978  50cc Lei, IssimoLei, Pepi Sport, RC Casa, GT Super 6M, RC Comp.,
0000  Super Rocket125cc Caballero RC (Regolarità Comp.) 6M, Trial

’79 Fantic Lei
Minarelli V1K

’79 Fantic Issimo
(kick or pedal)
Min V1K or V1

1979 Issimo
Minarelli V1K

1979 Issimo
Super Confort
Minarelli V1K

1979 Issimo
Convert Std.
Minarelli C2

1979 Issimo
Convert Super
Minarelli C2







1978 Caballero 125

1979  50cc Lei, Issimo, Pepi Sport, Lei, Issimo Standard, Issimo Confort,
0000  Issimo Super Confort, Issimo Convert Standard, Convert Super

RC Casa, GT Super, RC Competizione, Super Rocket,
0000  75cc Caballero RC, 125cc Caballero RC, Trial, 200cc Trial

1980  50cc Issimo, Pepi Sport, Lei, Issimo Standard, Issimo Confort
0000  Issimo Super Confort, Issimo Convert Standard, Convert Super

RC Casa, GT Super, RC Competizione, Super Rocket,
0000  75cc Caballero RC, 125cc Caballero RC, 200cc Trial

1981 was the first year of mandatory VIN label and manufacturer requirements for on-road motor vehicles worldwide. To avoid or delay having to do that, many European moped manufacturers produced extra inventory in 1980, that was stockpiled and later sold in 1981-84. That, and their focus on off-road, is probably why there are no 1981-83 on-road Fantic models.

1984 Fantic Sprinter

1981  80cc Enduro Competizione, 125cc Caballero RC, 200cc Trial

1982  80cc Enduro Competizione, 125cc Caballero RC, 240cc Trial

1983  125cc Caballero RC, 240cc Trial

1984  50cc SprinterCaballero RC125cc Caballero RC, 240cc Trial

1985  50cc Sprinter125cc Caballero RC, 240cc Trial, 250cc Raider

1986  50cc Issimo125cc Caballero RC250cc Raider

1986 Fantic Issimo kick start Euro model

1986 Fantic Issimo

From Sheldons EMUIn order to offer a product at the height of modern technology, the Barzago company established a racing department which contributed significantly to the development of Fantic with excellent results; they won the 1981 enduro world title. After 1981 their logo said “world champion”. The 1980’s saw Fantic offer a substantial model range that included road bikes and numerous specialty off-road machines. In competition trials more fine results accrued with rider Thierry Michaud winning three world titles for Fantic. Despite the quality of the product and impressive sports results, by the late 1980’s the Lombard company faced considerable economic difficulties. Japanese competition contributed to the collapse of many European motorcycle manufacturers in the 1980’s.

1990 Gary Uno

After 1985-86 European countries, starting with Germany, stopped requiring pedals on mopeds. Many other countries and some US states soon followed. 

Fabbrica Motoveicoli: Fabbrica Motoveicoli S.p.a. began managing Fantic from April 1987.

Around 1990 Fabbrica Motoveicoli also acquired the Agrati Garelli brand. The 1990’s moped was a modernized 1984-86 Garelli Basic, called Gary. It had Garelli horizontal one or two speed engines.

1987-89  250cc Raider

1990-93  50cc Gary Uno, Gary Due, Gary Due Special80cc RC (cross), 250cc Raider

1994-95  80cc RC (cross)

From Sheldons EMUIn 1995 Fantic production ceased. The brand was auctioned and bought by industrialist Frederick Fregnan who gave new life to the famous Lombard marque, and from 2005 to 2017+ a variety of new models was on offer. Thierry Michaud became head of trials at FIM, and was such in 2017. 

Today they continue in the same genre, though the names have changed to dual-sport and motard (supermoto), and they have not returned to the US market. Fantic launched in 2015 also new models of electric bikes, the Fat Bike.

2005  50cc Caballero Regolarità Casa,

2006  50cc Caballero Supersei (motard), Regolarità Competizione

2007  50cc Caballero Supersei (motard), 125cc Caballero air cooled (motard), Caballero Regolarità AC aircooled

2008  50cc Caballero Supersei (motard), Regolarità Competizone
0000  125cc Caballero AC (motard), Regolarità AC aircooled

2009  50cc Caballero Supersei (motard), 125cc Caballero water cooled (motard), Caballero AC (motard),
0000  Caballero Regolarità AC (enduro), 200cc Caballero Regolarità

2010  50cc Caballero Supersei (motard), 125cc Caballero water cooled (motard), Caballero AC (motard)
0000  Caballero Regolarità AC

2011-12  125cc Caballero water cooled (motard)

1970’s Fantic Chopper
unlimited 50, UK model

Fantic in UK:  (from WikipediaFantic began exporting to the United Kingdom in 1972, as part of a wave of manufacturers who took advantage of “sixteener laws,” legislation that forbade sixteen-year-old motorcyclists from riding motorcycles up to 250 cc, as they had been used to. As a result, European and Japananese manufacturers exported their sporty and lightweight below-50cc engines, which had been common in Europe, to England also. Fantic produced a “sensational chopper moped” and a TI “Tourismo Internazionale”, both of which became very popular quickly, with the reputation of being some of the fastest mopeds on the market. 

1975 Minarelli P6



Barron: The Fantic Motor motorcycles were first imported into the U.K. in 1972 by Barron Eurotrade Ltd whose headquarters were based at 51 High Street Hornchurch, Essex… The Fantic T.I. quickly became a worthy contender with the rapid growth of a dealer network. The six speed gearbox was a strong selling point, and the perky Italian Minarelli 49cc P6 engine (6-speed with pedals) proved to be very reliable. Stories of the T.I. model reaching 70 mph were an exaggeration, as only just over 50-55 mph could be achieved, and in the right conditions.



Concord and Fantic (US models)

Concord parts catalog

Concord parts book

Concord is the brand name of US model Fantic mopeds. The US importer/distributor was Wheelsport, 2424 NE Riverside Way, Portland Oregon.  Concord is not in any 1976-78 USA moped books and guides, so it appears they began in late 1978 or 1979. In 1979 there was one model, Concord XKE, a mono-tube frame type moped with Minarelli V1 engine. 

1976-78 Fantic Lei

1978 Concord XKE

1978 Concord XKE
Minarelli V1 (early)







1980 Concord XKE and Roger Staubach QB of Dallas Cowboys

1978-79 Concord XKE
and QB Roger Staubach

Concord XKE features

Concord XKE features








Two of three 1980 models were in the Motorcyclist Magazine 1981 Moped and Economy Motorcycle Buyers Guide:
The Concord Shadow is the same as Fantic Pepi Sport. “5-star” mag wheels, top tank, 1980-81 list $775
The Concord Invader is the same as a Fantic Issimo Standard. spoke wheels, solo seat 1980-81 list $650?
The Concord Freedom is a Concord Invader with “5-star” mag wheels and a long seat.  1980-81 list $700

1980 Concord Shadow

1980 Concord Shadow
Minarelli V1 (early)
top tank, mag wheels

1980 Fantic Pepi Sport Minarelli V1-L engine

1980 Fantic Pepi Sport
Minarelli V1 (Fantic)

1978 Fantic Issimo Minarelli V1 engine

1978 Fantic Issimo
Minarelli V1 (Fantic)

1980 Concord Invader Minarelli V1-L engine

1980 Concord Invader
Minarelli V1 (Fantic)
solo seat, spoke wheels









Info Concord

Info 1980 Concord

1980 Concord Freedom Minarelli V1-L engine

1980 Concord Freedom
Minarelli V1 (Fantic)
long seat, mag wheels

Minarelli V1 versions, early, early, late, Fantic











1980 Concord Freedom XKE 25

1980 Concord Freedom XKE 25
can have 10 male, or 12 female petcock

1980 Concord Freedom XKE 25 gas valve

80 Concord Freedom
12×1 female sp down

1980 Concord Freedom
10×1 male spigot down













Engine versions and Components:


Concord 1978-79 XKE, Fantic Lei        Minarelli V1 early (up to ’79)

grey fan cover, larger fan, small fins head, 38.8mm piston (25mph) or 38.0 (20mph)

Speed versions 25(1.5hp), 20(1.0hp), Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9 for 20mph) carburetor


Concord 1979-80 Invader, Freedom, Shadow, Fantic Issimo  Minarelli V1 “Fantic”

black Fantic fan cover, smaller fan, large Fantic square head. 38.7mm? piston

Speed version 25mph (1.5hp), Dellorto SHA 14/12 carburetor

CEV “pancake” head light, CEV “diamond” switches, Domino chrome controls and levers,

Grimeca aluminum mag wheels or spoke wheel hubs and 90mm brakes, CEV 6932 magneto,

Veglia speedometer with RHVeglia small driver, and reflectors.