July 13, 2012

   Bianchi      made in Italy by Italvelo or Italtelai      Minarelli V1 or Morini  MO1 or MO2 engine

Italtelai smallItalveloBianchi, the worlds oldest still-operating bicycle manufacturer, celebrated it’s 125th anniversary in 2013. Millions of ciclisti worldwide ride the celeste green machines.

1977 Bianchi Matic Morini MO-1 engine

1977 Bianchi Stardust, Morini MO-1 engine



1977 Snark Eagle
Minarelli V1 engine 1hp

Bianchi moped models include the Bianchi Eagle 30 (or 25 or 20), made by Italvelo, with Minarelli V1 engine. It is the same as a Snark. See Snark, in Misc. Italian Mopeds.

Left, a sweet Bianchi Stardust (says Bianchi Matic), made by Italvelo, with Morini MO-1 engine. Not shown, the top tank Bianchi Satellite, made by Italtelai, with Morini MO-1 or MO-2 engine.



1977 Snark Eagle
Minarelli V1 engine 2hp

Bianchi components: Minarelli V1 (Snark models) or Morini MO-1 or MO-2 engine (Bianchi models), Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, CEV lights and switches, Domino controls and levers, Grimeca hubs and brakes, CEV 6932 magneto (on Minarelli), Dansi magneto (on Morini), CEV speedometer with LH driver (step thru models) or Huret speedometer with LH driver (top tank models).






Italvelo    made in Italy by Italvelo    Morini MO-1 engine


Italvelo is not in the Wheels of Italy Motorcycle Encyclopedia, perhaps because they made mostly bicycles. Italvelo made Aspes, Bianchi, Snark, Italvelo, Velomec step-thru mopeds. See Aspes, Snark and Velomec in Misc. Italian Mopeds. The list grows…

1977-78 Italvelo I-78, Morini MO-1 engine
CEV speedometer with blue face, PV controls (black levers)

1977 Italvelo moped, Morini MO-1 engine
Huret speedo (white), Domino levers (chrome)












Italvelo components: Morini MO-1 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 carburetor, Grimeca hubs, brakes, 11mm axles, CEV lights and switches, Domino or PV controls, Huret or CEV speedometer with LH driver.

HuretPV controls