January 10, 2012

Welcome to Myrons Mopeds Parts Department.

Myrons has many more parts not listed. Only about 20% of the parts have been entered. Please email if you want something not listed.

Before ordering parts, your moped’s identity must be known. The year, make, model, version, and serial number are stamped into the ID plate, usually located on the frame behind the headlight. Use the US Models Info by Brand menu to help learn the identity (year, make, model, version, ser#) of your machine and many of it’s components. Read more below about false names and remakes.

Email Shaun at myronsmoped@gmail.com to ask questions. Please send pictures of the parts you are asking about. Shaun is often unable to answer many questions over the phone. Many questions take time to answer, or take some investigation and searching. Sometimes Shaun will say “no” on the phone and then remember the “yes” answer an hour or a day later. For these reasons, it is preferable to correspond with Shaun by email.

Email Shaun at myronsmoped@gmail.com first, if there are several items or more, or if any of the items are not listed or require investigation. Your itemized order will be listed with prices, and sent in a reply, for your review. Any changes can be made. A revised order is sent in a reply. When it is final, then you pay by email (to PayPal), or by phone (to Myrons) usually. 




Visa MC DiscoverPayment by phone: Call Shaun 714-992-5592 Tues-Sat 10-4 pacific time to order and pay with a credit or debit card. Order by description (preferred), or by diagram title and diagram number, or by part number.



Visa MC Discover Amex PayPalPayment by email: Ask Shaun to send a PayPal invoice. You don’t need an account to pay. You pay PayPal with a credit card. Or you can pay with your PayPal account if you have one.




USPS Money Order

Payment by U.S. Postal Money Order: Send by mail to the address above. Some circumstances require payment this way. It is more secure (as long as you know and trust the person receiving the money) but takes longer. All you need is cash and a post office to send money.





Western Union

Payment by Western Union: Most international orders require payment this way.



Find out if your moped has the original components or has someone swapped, chopped, or customized things. Things like lights, wheels, throttles, levers, get swapped from other mopeds. Most things are not that universal. Sometimes it matters and sometimes it does not.

Some names are confusing. A Batavus Mondial is half-Peugeot. There are at least three different Foxi mopeds, a Sparta (made in Holland), a KTM (made in Austria) and a Testi (made in Italy). Three completely different bikes, all marketed as Foxi. Some of their parts are the same and others are different. There are three “Puchs” that are not Puchs, Manet “Korado” (made in Slovakia), Hero (made in India), and Piaggio (made in Italy). Again, some of their parts are the same and some are different. Many European models were renamed and re-stickered for the US market, by the importer. For example, a Sparta Foxi in the US is a Sparta Buddy in Europe. A Garelli Noi in Europe is a Garelli Sport in the US.

Sometimes even knowing the identity might not be enough to specify a part, like when something comes in different versions. Motobecane brake shoes are that way. They either use Leleu, Puch compatible, for which there are aftermarket parts, or, more often their own Motobecane version, for which there are no parts currently available.

Componentry runs in families. European components are more like heavy duty bicycle parts, while Asian components are more like light duty motorcycle parts, in their design. Europeans have a tradition of motorized bicycles ever since WWII. For whatever reason, Asian motorcycle makers, for the most part, do not make anything with pedals. So almost nothing from a Honda would fit a Garelli, for example. But many things from a Cimatti would, because they’re both Italian. Almost all European mopeds use Italian-made CEV electrics. Exceptions are the French-made Motobecane, and the Czech-made Jawa. Italian mopeds use CEV, Dansi, and Motoplat magneto-ignitions. German-like machines all use Bosch ignitions. French use Novi. Slovenia uses Iskra and AET. A similiar situation exists with Magura (German) versus Domino (Italian) controls, and with Grimeca (Italian) wheels versus Leleu (France).

Some parts can be specified by dimensions. Things like nuts, bolts, spokes, tires, bulbs, piston rings, seals, bearings, etc, can be ordered by size, without needing to know what it’s for. Examples are 17 x 2.25 inch tires, 188 x 2.5mm spokes, 11 x 1mm axle nuts, 17 x 35 x 8mm oil seals, 38mm x 2.0mm side pin style piston rings, and 6V 5W bulbs.  The measured size should agree with the called-for size.

Many parts are not available. Often Myrons Mopeds has an upgrade to easily replaceable items, like sealed beam headlights, and sealed wheel bearings. Both of those things must be done in the store, as a procedure.

Shipping and Terms: Payment is by card over the phone, or by card to PayPal over secure email, or by check or money order prepaid. Small items (such as one innertube, or smaller) ship for $7, all 50 states, US Priority Mail, 2-3 days to most areas. Sales under $10 are charged $1 handling. Tires ship by UPS ground to 48-states, $27 for two tires to east coast, $23 for one, $25 for two tires to mid west, $21 for one. Add $1 more for each tube.