2013 Tomos Sprint

August 11, 2010

Tomos Sprint: The Basic Model      2011 kick version shown above, 2012 has ST luggage rack and new tail light

Engine: A55 2-Speed Automatic, Pre-Mixed Gasoline 50:1      Colors: black with silver wheels, silver with black wheels

Speed: 29 mph  Mileage: 100 mpg  Tank: 1 gal   Wt: 117 lb     Options: Rear Sprocket change to allow 35mph cruising $40

Options: Bullet Headlight $100, Lo Bars + Short Cables $100, Side Baskets $50, Extra Mirror $20, Trail Tires $100

Options: Heavy Duty Rear Shocks $80, Balanced Clutch Drum (for less vibration) $90  

Pedal Version  In Store In Box MSRP
2013 Sprint black $1,200 N/A $1,149

Available with either pedals (pedal version), or footpegs with kick starter (kick version). Some countries or states require pedals, some don’t. Myrons Mopeds inventory and in store sales are all pedal version. A kick version can be special ordered, in box, for drop shipment.


Classic Options

Above is a 2011 Sprint with the Bullet Headlight Option, $100, and the Low Handlebars (with shortened cables) Option, $100. It has a clean, classic look. Many people who buy Sprints,  STs, and LXs, in store, get these options.

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