September 6, 2011

Helmet Size ChartWelcome to helmets. All of these are DOT approved, so they look big because they have an inch of styrofoam inside the hard shell that cushions your head, just like the bumpers in a modern car. Myrons does not sell “novelty” helmets. Novelty helmets do not have the styrofoam lining, and are not DOT approved, and do not protect your head. They just make your head look small.

Here are the half shell helmets:

1. THH T70 white

T-70 white S $30
T-70 white M $30
T-70 white L $30
T-70 white XL $30

3. THH T70 matte black

T-70 flat black S $30
T-70 flat black M $30
 T-70 flat black L $30

2. THH T70 gloss black

T-70 gloss black S $30
T-70 gloss black M $30
T-70 gloss black L $30
T-70 gloss black XL $30

T68 helmet

T-68 flat black XL $30
(no visor or visor snaps)











Here are the 3/4 shell, also known as “open face” helmets:

10. THH T380 red

THH T380 red Large $40

12. THH T380 dark silver

THH T-380 dark silver M $40
 THH T-380 dark silver L $40
 THH T-380 dark silver XL $40








flip-up face shield $15 for 3-snap helmets
visor 3-snap black  $5 for 3-snap helmets


August 21, 2011

Myrons ultra blue short sleeve back:
XXXL, XXL $20   XL, Lg, Med $16

Tomos shirt front
short sleeve black:
Med, Small   $10












Myrons camel
mens Small only  $12

Myrons yellow green
mens Small only  $12

Myrons aqua blue
ladies Large, Med $12

Myrons bright pink
mens Small only   $12