September 10, 2012

Welcome to Speedometers and speedo parts.

Speedo Basics:  Speedometers on mopeds are all mechanical type, not electronic. A “driver” or “sender” on the front wheel rotates the cable. The cable, with a spinning wire inside, goes up to the speedometer “gauge” or “head”. Inside the head a spinning magnet moves the needle. An “odometer” or mileage meter is also driven by the cable, with gears.  Either the speedometer or odometer can work without the other, but the both need the cable and driver to be working. So when both speed and miles don’t work, it’s usually caused by a broken cable, and sometimes the driver. If either the speedo or odo works, then the cable and driver must be good.

Speedo Families: There are several brands of moped speedometers: CEV (Italian), VDO (German), Huret (French), Veglia (Italian), plus other minor ones, Stewart Warner (USA), Tatung (Taiwan), Walker licensed by VDO (Spain), and maybe more. Each family has it’s own style of cable wire and cable end piece threads. So a CEV speedo requires a CEV speeedo cable, and a VDO speedo requires a VDO cable, pretty much. In the table below, all of the speedometer specifications and applications are listed. It is under construction…  


CEV Speedometers


CEV Speedometers

Italy Flag






These are the vintage CEV speedometers for sale. They have all been cleaned, checked, and lubed. 15 out of 17 were originally frozen from “the old grease turning into glue”. It takes days or weeks and dozens of repeated applications of penetrating oil and rotation on a drill, before all of the stickiness is gone. If any stickiness is left behind, it can re-freeze a year later. A frozen speedo will cause the speedo cable to break right away. That is the main reason why 35 year old mopeds often have broken speedo cables. The other reason is the cable gets kinked or tangled.

                   diam      color         max    tested   dev from      odometer            glass/face
  #  mileage  mm  back/text     speed    speed   23.8 avg      condition              condition                  price
  1   03297   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   24.0      +0.2    works: now 03298    used, cracked             $30
  2   00002   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   10.0     -13.8    works: now 00003    reads very low            $30
  3   00001   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   22.5       -1.3    works: now 00002    new, perfect glass     $80
  4   00009   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   21.0       -2.8    frozen                       only speedo works       $30
  5   01062   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   25.0      +1.2    works: now 01063    used, good “glass”     $80
  6   00001   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   25.0      +1.2    works: now 00002    new, tiny scratches     $70
  7   00847   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   24.0       -0.8    works: now 00848    used, scratched bad    $35
    00001   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   23.0       -1.8    works: now 00002    new, tiny scratches     N/A
  9   03751   60  dk blue/wht  60mph   25.0      +1.2    works: now 03752    used, good glass        $100
10   00000   48  white/black   40mph   26.0      +2.2   works: now 00001    new, smaller size        N/A               
11   00000   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   24.0       -0.8    works: now 00001   new in original box      $80
12   00001   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   23.5       -0.3   works: now 00002    new in original box      $80
13   00001   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   24.0      +0.2   works: now 00002    new in original box      $80
14   00000   60  dk blue/wht  40mph   20.5       -3.3   works: now 00001    new in original box       $60
15   05182   60  black/white   40mph   25.0      +1.2   works: now 05183    has a small smudge     $70
16   00995   60  black/white   40mph   25.0      +1.2   works: now 00996    slightly cloudy              $70
17   00084   60  black/white   40mph   27.0      +3.2   works: now 00085    very good “glass”       $90
xx   00367   60  dk blue/wht  40mph    froze       —-   unknown                     for parts only              $20
xx   00000   60  dk blue/wht  40mph    froze       —-   unknown                     for parts only              $20

These CEV speedometers are all tested on the same drill, for comparison of speed accuracy. The odometer accuracy never varies – it either works or not. It takes up to 3 minutes at 20mph to click off one mile. Each speedometer is tested for at least 3 minutes, some over 10 minutes all together. Once all of the 17 tested speeds are retested and verified, an average speed can be calculated. First the highest and lowest are ignored. Then the remaining 15 test speeds are added up and the sum is divided by 15 to give 23.8 average. You can see that most of the speedos tested at 23, 24, or 25 mph. The accuracy is an important factor in determining the price. The condition of the glass, face, and needle are also important. 


Huret Speedometers

These are on Garelli, Motobecane and others. They all freeze up solid from the grease inside turning into sticky tar. 


VDO Speedometers

These are on Puch and many others.


Veglia Speedometers

These are on Peugeot, Vespa, and some Italian mopeds. 


Tomos Speedometers

Tomos Speedometers on US model mopeds 1976 to 2013


  Tomos Speedometers      “Family Reunion Group Photo”      left to right

 Tomos#     Years      Models       Face Colors      Logos/Words     Speed               Bulb type            Cable/thread

1. 213233  1976-79  all models  blue  with white           CEV/MPH       40   9mm bayonet   6V 1.2W    CEV 11×0.75
2. 214838  1980-87  all models  black with white            CEV/MPH      40   5mm wedge     6V 1.2W    CEV 11×0.75
3. 222006  1987-91  all models  black with white     CEV/Tomos solid   40   5mm wedge   12V 1.2W   CEV 11×0.75
4. 227496  1992-02  all models  black w/white Facomsa/Tomos outline 40   5mm wedge   12V 1.2W   CEV 11×0.75
5. 232803  2002-05  all models  white with black     MMB/Tomos solid  40   7mm bayonet 12V 1.2W   VDO 10×1.00
6. 232803  2009-10  Revival      white with black F-logo/Tomos outline 40   5mm wedge   12V 1.2W   VDO 10×1.00
7. 232803  2005-08  all models  white with black          generic          40   7mm bayonet 12V 1.2W   VDO 10×1.00
8. 232803  2008-13  all models  white with black    Alpha/Tomos solid  40   7mm bayonet 12V 1.2W   VDO 10×1.00


 Speedometer Cables

This is all so far. More material will be added later…

Part # # ←picture#………Description Price      Applications
  S P E E D O   C A B L E S
204200 speedo cable VDO Puch Maxi 25.7″ $18 Puch Maxi, Sparta, Batavus, Flandria
oldver speedo cable VDO Puch 29.5″ $20 Puch Maxi Sears FS red not silver
speedo cable VDO Puch 31.5″ $30 Puch Magnum Sears FS silver
217664 speedo cable VDO Tomos 30.7″=780mm $18 Tomos 04-later many others
213729 speedo cable CEV Tomos 29.5=750mm $18 Tomos 75-04 many others
speedo cable Huret Motobecane/Garelli N/A Motobecane and Garelli
speedo cable Veglia Peugeot N/A Peugeot