Tail Lights

July 14, 2016

Contents:   1. Information   2. CEV   3. ULO   4. Peterson
Contents:   5. Stanley   6. Cat Eye   7. Saturnus   8. Fiem

Tail lights: 1970’s and 1980’s USA moped models generally have different tail lights than European models. That is because of the 1972 and 1976 US DOT motor vehicle safety requirements for motor-driven cycles and motorized bicycles. The rear light must shine to the rear and the sides, and illuminate the license plate. The rear of the bike must have red side and rear reflectors. Putting the reflectors with the tail light eliminates the need for adding them on elsewhere. Also the bulbs are bigger, 15 not 9mm, because of higher watts required for the running light, 5 watts instead of 3, and for the brake light 10 watts instead of nothing.  

The most troublesome US DOT requirement was that the brake light operation cannot cause the head light to get dimmer. This meant that the brake light had to be powered by a separate source coil in the magneto-generator. There was no solid-state voltage regulation until the mid-1980’s. The AC voltage was crudely regulated by generator magnetism, rather than a external mechanical or electronic device.

Internal ignition ground family: Some US moped versions had an additional source coil to operate the brake light, such as Puch or Batavus (Bosch magnetos). On these the brake light wires never cause the engine to not run. The ignition source coil is grounded internally, inside the generator. So the ignition is never affected by any of the lights.

The brake light only needs to be matched with the generator source coil, usually 6 volt 10 watt. Unlike your house, a higher wattage bulb makes less light. If a 6V 18W bulb is used, it will be dim. If a 6V 5W bulb is used, it will be too bright and burn out.

External ignition ground family: Some US mopeds use the ignition source coil to operate the brake light, such as Garelli or Minarelli with (CEV magnetos). On these the brake light wires can cause the engine to loose spark and not run. If the connecters or wires are corroded or loose, on the brake light wires, the engine will stall when the brakes are applied. If the brake switch wires up at the handlebars are also loose, then the engine will not ever “have spark”. Removing the tail light assembly, or changing it, can cause these bikes to not run.

The brake light needs a 4 ohm (10 watt max) resistor in parallel with a 6 volt 10 watt bulb #81, or just a 6 volt 18 watt bulb #1129, or a 6V 21/5W #1154 dual filament bulb.

Modern family: After the 1980’s, thankfully, there were no more mopeds with external ignition grounds. They had internal ignition grounds. So the brake light wires never cause the engine to loose spark. Their solid state AC voltage regulators allowed all the lights to run off of the same generator wire, yet still stay the same brightness as additional lights (brake) were turned off or on. The modern family also uses 12 volt bulbs instead of 6 volt.

The brake light bulb does not need to be any particular wattage. Just like in your house, a higher wattage bulb would produce more light. You want the brake light to be brighter than the tail light, for safety, but it doesn’t need to be.



Price List: Prices are for each item. Bright green means new. Dark green means used. N/A means not available.

Screws: M means metric machine screw M3, M4, M5, M6. ST means self tapping screw (for plastic).

2. CEV Tail Lights

Many or most 1970’s European made mopeds, USA models, use CEV tail lights, made in Italy.


CEV 9350 chrome

CEV 9350 black

Peugeot 103 tail light assembly







CEV 9350: Many 1972 -1976 US mopeds had this “oval with flat sides” single bulb lamp. It was exclusively on mopeds with an external ignition ground. If the brake light burned out, the bike would loose spark when the brakes were applied. Internal ignition ground bikes did not use this lamp because it made the brake light too dim (because the 10 watt generator coil did not match the 20 watt bulb filament).

CEV 9400: In 1977 the 9400 “rectangular” series dual-bulb lamps came out, with two different bulb holders and three body styles. They could be for either family, internal or external, because the bulb holder could be either a “large glass” 18 or 21 watt brake light bulb, for external ignition ground types, or a “small glass” 10 watt brake light bulb version, for internal ignition ground types. At first the 9400,9401,9417 and 9400.1,9401.1,9417.1 were the versions. These were perfect for motorcycles with batteries.

To solve the problem of loosing spark if the brake light burned out, CEV made versions special for USA mopeds, with a power resistor hidden inside. If the brake light burned out, the resistor would allow the engine to stay running. The 9400.2, 9401.2 and 9417.2 soon superseded the 9400.1, 9401.1, and 9417.1. So the “1” versions are uncommon in the US, and the “2” versions are uncommon in Europe.

CEV 9400 grey
Piaggio 185026

CEV 9400.2 grey
Piaggio 185028

Peugeot 102 tail light assembly








CEV 9400

CEV 9400.1

CEV 9400.2

Of these, the 9400 and 9400.2 are common.

The 9400.2 is on 1978-89 Derbi.

The 9400 is on 1980-83 Piaggio Grande





CEV 9401

CEV 9401.1

CEV 9401.2

Of these, only the 9401.2 is common.

It is on 77-78 Garelli and others.







CEV 9417

CEV 9417.1

CEV 9417.2

Of these, 9417 and 9417.2 are common.

 The 9417.2 is on 1977-85 Tomos, and 1979-85 Garelli.

The 9417 is on 1987-2011 Tomos, and 1978-86 Puch. 





CEV 9350 substitute: Peterson PM-421 tail light with custom adapter plate, see Peterson below


CEV 9350, 1 version, 2 colors, 3 or more mounts

9350 xx N/A tail light oval with flat sides
9350 xx N/A one dual filament bulb

————-9 3 5 0—P A R T S——————-
03211 x $35 red lens for 9350, says CEV 174
03211.1 N/A reflectors only, maybe, see below

03212 x $60 lamp body chrome used/repaired
03212  xxxx  cleaned, repaired, inspected
03212.1 $55 lamp body black used/repaired

22253 x 0$1 lens screw M4 x 72 phillips
22253.1 0$2 lens screw long bolt-thru with nut

10630.3 0$2 bulb 6V 18/5W #1154, see bulbs

16590 x $20 mount with license plate bracket
16590.1 $10 mount with no license bracket
02748  x N/A mount with license plate bracket
02748 x  N/A these are all broken at the top



Top: CEV 9400, 3 versions, two colors
Middle: CEV 9401, 3 versions, all black
Bottom: CEV 9417, 3 versions, 1 replica

9400 tail light with mount, two bulbs
black     $50 top: 6V 10W, no resistor
grey x   $50 bottom: 6V 5W

9400.1  tail light with mount, two bulbs
black     $55 top: 6V 18W, large glass, no resistor
grey    x$55 bottom: 6V 5W

9400.2 tail light with mount, two bulbs
black     $55 top: 6V 10W, with resistor
grey      $55 bottom: 6V 5W

9401    $65 tail light with mount, two bulbs
9401 $65    top: 6V 10W, no resistor
9401 $65    bottom: 6V 5W

9401.1 $70 tail light with mount, two bulbs
9401.1 $65 top: 6V 18W, large glass, no resistor
9401.1 $65 bottom: 6V 5W

9401.2 $70 tail light with mount, two bulbs
9401.2 $00 top: 6V 10W, with resistor
9401.2 $00 bottom: 6V 5W

9417xx $60$35 tail light w/mount, 2 bulbs
9417xx $6top: 6V 10W, no resistor
9417xx $6bottom: 6V 5W

9417.1 $65$40 tail light w/ mount, 2 bulbs
9417.1 $6- top: 6V 18W, large glass, no resistor
9417.1 $6- bottom: 6V 5W

9417.2 $65$40 tail light w/ mount, 2 bulbs
9417.2 $6- top: 6V 10W, with resistor
9417.2 $6- bottom: 6V 5W

————-9 4 0 0—P A R T S——————-
04818  0$8 bulb housing for 9400, 9401, 9417
xxxxxxxxx   says 19314, small glass BL, no resistor

04818.1 $15 bulb housing 9400.1,9401.1,9417.1
xxxxxxxxx   says 19477, large glass BL, no resistor

04818.2 $15 bulb housing 9400.2,9401.2,9417.2
xxxxxxxxx    says 19314 behind resistor

Left CEV 04818, right 04818.1






18596 x0$1 lens screw for 9400 ST #6 x 1-1/2″
18596.10$2 lens screw longer ST #6 x 1-3/4″
18596.1 xxx for when the screw posts break off

04816 x$20 red lens with clear bottom, original
04818 xxx xsays CEV 210, original with reflectors
213452 $15 red lens with clear bottom, replica

04814   $50 tail lamp body for 9400, says 19317
04815   $50 tail lamp body for 9401, says 19318
04927   $45 tail lamp body for 9417, says 19845

19609 x0$6 fender mount rubber for 9400, 9401

9400 and 9401 are solid mount, M6 stud and a plastic post.
9417 is either solid or flexible mount, M6 stud and M6 bolt.

CEV 19609, for less-curved more-flat fenders









10628.2 02 bulb 15mm 6V 5W small glass, see bulbs
10628.3 02 bulb 15mm 6V 10W small glass, see bulbs
10629.2 02 bulb 15mm 6V 15W large glass, see bulbs

19626 x0$6 resistor 3.9 Ω 10W, original is 4Ω
19626.1  $5 resistor 6.8 Ω 10W, for brighter BL

22222 x  N/A mount bolt for 9401 M6x40 all-thread

—- Solid Mount Parts, like on most mopeds

a  o31075 $0.50 hex nut M6
b  031845 $0.20 lock washer M6
c  031925 $0.20 plain washer M6
d  Cwedge $7.00 wedge with hole
e  025253 $0.70 hex bolt M6x20

—- Flexible Mount Parts, like on 1978-2011 Tomos

f  219869 $7.00 shoulder nut M6 11 hex
g  031926 $0.30 plain washer M8
h  219946 $5.00 vibration rubber 8 x 12
i  219866 $6.00 distance tube 6 x 9 x 5.5



2a. Replica CEV Tail Lights

CEV 9417 replica

9417 replica with red sides  $40  single bulb dual filament 12V 10/5W
9417 replica w/amber sides $30  single bulb dual filament 12V 10/5W

This lamp looks exactly like the original CEV 9417 on the outside. But inside the bulb holder-mirror is different. It is a single bulb type that cannot be swapped for an original 2-bulb type.

In the USA, in motorcycle parts stores, the single dual filament bulb has limited choices in volts and watts. There is just 12V 21/5W #1157 or 6V 21/5W #1154. There are LED substitutes for 1157. Some work with 6V AC, and some don’t.


3. ULO Tail Lights

ULO made tail lights, reflectors, and turn signals for German mopeds, Hercules (Sachs), Kreidler, Solo, Kynast, and tail lights for many non-German mopeds, Batavus, Sparta, Puch, Peugeot, Motobecane and Honda PA50. ULO was founded by Moritz Ullman in 1947 in Geislingen Germany. Ullman knew how to make molded glass products, like bicycle reflectors.

1976 ULO250-2 lamp
SAE A6 lens 248-0015

1975 ULO250-1 lamp
SAE 72 lens 250-0015
with reflectors

ULO plastic parts have a date mark. The lens has the compliance standards and those have a start date.


ULO 250 “early” lamp, no reflectors

60a1 ULO250-1 $80 “early” 1-bulb tail light used
60a1 ULO250-1 6V 18/5W, no resistor

60a2 ULO250-2 $85 “early” 2-bulb tail light used
60a2 ULO250-2 top (brake): 6V 10W, no resistor
60a2 ULO250-2 bottom(tail): 6V 5W


ULO 248 “late” lamp with side reflectors

1977 ULO248-3 lamp
with brake lite resistor

1978 ULO248-1 lamp
SAE A6 lens 248-0015

60b1 ULO248-1 $50 “late” 1-bulb tail light
60b1 ULO248-1 6V 21/5W, no resistor

60b2 ULO248-2 $50 “late” 2-bulb tail light
60b2 ULO248-2 top (brake): 6V 10W, no resistor
60b2 ULO248-2 bottom(tail): 6V 5W

60b3 ULO248-3 $70 “late” 2-bulb tail light
60b3 ULO248-3 top (brake): 6V 10W, with resistor
60b3 ULO248-3 bottom(tail): 6V 5W

ULO “late” lamps, left 248-1, right 248-3











61x 250-6017 $65 “early” housing used ’72-78
61x 250-6017 $30 “early” housing replica ’72-78
661a 248-6017 $40 “late” housing used ’78-80+

62x 250-pum 50¢ “Puch” upper bolt M5x32
62a 250-upm 50¢ “early” upper bolt M6x32
62b 248-upm 50¢ “late” upper bolt M6x25

63x 250-lnscr $01 “early” lens screw ST special
63a 248-lnscr $01 “late” lens screw M4x45

64x 248-0015 $35 red lens 1976-1980+
250-0015 $45 red lens 1972-1975
64b 248-repli  $12 red lens replica

65x 250-gask  $10 lens gasket (only on “early”)

66x 250-tail  6V 5W lower bulb  see bulbs
67x 250-stop 6V 10W upper bulb see bulbs
67a 248-bulb 6V 21/5W dual bulb see bulbs

68x 250-lomb 50¢ “Puch” lower mount bolt M5x16
68a 248-lomb 50¢ non-Puch lower mnt bolt M6x16
248-lwas  20¢ non-Puch lower mnt washer M6

69x 250-csh1 $10 cushion foam (only on some)
69a 250-csh2 $10 cushion thick (only on some)
69b 250-csh3 $10 cushion thin (only on some)

69a. thick on top, 69b. thin, flat, 69. foam, flat

70x 250-locw  20¢ “Puch” mount lock washer M5
70a 248-locw  20¢ non-Puch mnt lock washer M6

71x 250-mnut 25¢ “Puch” mount hex nut M5
71a 248-mnut 25¢ non-Puch mount hex nut M6

72x 248-grom $01 grommet for 2-bulb mirror

73x 248-0016 $20 bulb holder-mirror 2-bulb
73a 250-0016 $20 bulb holder-mirror 1-bulb


The little rubber grommets #72 for the two-bulb holder-mirror, are important. When one is missing, the bulb holder is loose. Engine vibration causes the loose holder to “buzz” or vibrate and rub against the lens and housing. The buzzing causes the bulbs to burn out, and produces white powder. The white plastic dust or powder is evidence of “buzzing”.   



ULO 250 replica

3a. Replica ULO Tail Lights

ULO 250 replica $30 sold new “as is”, no upper mount bolt hole, loose bulb sockets
ULO 250 replica $30 12V 10W upper bulb, 12v 5W lower bulb, wires with no connectors

These look the same on the outside. But the bulb holder is different, a metal plate with plastic bulb sockets that are loose. No rubber cushions/grommets and loose shaking bulb sockets will make the bulbs burn out frequently from vibration. besides that there is no upper mount hole or mount screw, but a hole can be drilled.  


4. Peterson Tail Lights

Peterson tail lights, made in Grandview, Missouri USA, were on ’76-80 Jawa and ’76-77 Derbi mopeds.

Peterson PM420

Peterson PM-420 1960’s – 70’s trailer tail light
used on 1976-77 Jawa Babetta (USA models)

–   3296-061  N/A  Tail Lamp PM420
1   3296-061  N/A  Lamp housing
2    3296-061 N/A Lens used PM420-15
3  34544-001 50¢ Lens screw ST (2)
4      34213 $1.00 Nut 3/8-24 fine
5      34213    50¢ Lock washer 3/8″
6      60507 $2.00 Bulb 6V #1154 see  Bulbs



Peterson PM-421 meets 1970’s US safety standards for motorcycle tail lamps (shines to the sides). Also has built-in side reflectors, eliminating the need for separate ones. Used on 1978-80 Jawa, 1976-77 Derbi, and not many others. 

–  70106  $53 Tail lamp PM-421
1  70100  $37 Housing-mirror PM-421
2  70101  $22 Lens cover PM-421-15
3  70102  N/A Lens screw ST (3)
4  70103  N/A Mount screw ST (3)
5  60507  N/A Bulb 6V #1154 see Bulbs

Peterson PM-421 tail light

6  422-10  $19 plastic mount PM-422-10
7  422-24  $$6 mount rubber PM-422-24

Jawa metal mount

PM-422 plastic mount






A PM-421 can be a CEV 9350 substitute. The adapter is any metal plate with holes made in the right places.


The un-drilled plate costs $5. Drilled and ready, as shown, the adapter plate costs $35.


5. Stanley Tail Lights

Dozens of different Stanley tail lights, made in Japan, are on most Honda motorcycles and mopeds. Here we focus on those used on mopeds and small motorcycles.  

Stanley 040-4765 tail light


Stanley 040-4765, used on 1977-85 General (top-tank), Lazer (top-tank) and compatibles, made in Taiwan.

N/A lamp assembly
N/A chrome housing-mirror
2  N/A (2) M6 threaded holes spaced 90mm
N/A mount bracket (not shown)
N/A bulb 6V 21/5W see bulbs
5 $10 lens gasket (new)
6 $$2 lens screws (3) M4x55 phillips
5$$2 can be longer M4x72
$22 red lens (new)


Stanley HM-23RC tail light


Stanley HM-23RC, used on 1977-83 Honda Express NC50 and Express II NA50, made in Japan.

1 N/A lamp assembly
2  $45 black housing-mirror-mount with license mount
2  N/A (3) M6 bolt-thru rubber mounts
4  N/A bulb 6V 21/5W see bulbs
5 $$9 lens gasket (used)
6 $$3 lens screws ST (2) 60mm
7    $8 red lens (used, side reflectors broken off)




Stanley HM-42RC tail light, with NS50 mount

Stanley HM-42RC, used on 1984-85 Honda Spree NQ50, 1990 Honda NS50, and other late 1980’s Hondas.

$45 lamp assembly, without mount
2  $35 black housing-mirror
$45 (2) M5 threaded holes spaced 100mm
$10 black mount for NS50 (shown)
2  $18 black mount for NQ50 with license mount
N/A bulb 12V 21/5W see bulbs
5 $12 lens gasket (used)
6 $$3 lens screws ST (2) 40mm
$15 red lens (used)



6. Cat Eye Tail Lights

Cat Eye reflectors, lights, and turn signal kits, for bicycles and mopeds, were made in Japan.

Cat Eye TL-800 tail light with mount

Cat Eye TL-800, used on 1977-85 Taiwan mopeds, Indian, Angel, General (step-thru) and compatibles.

1  N/A lamp assembly, without mount
2  $45 chrome housing-mirror
2  N/A (2) M5 threaded holes spaced 35mm
$35 black metal mount for General step-thru (shown)
N/A bulb 12V 21/5W see bulbs
5 $12 lens gasket (used)
6 $$2 lens screws (2) M4 x 50 phillips
$22 red lens




7. Saturnus Tail Lights

Saturnus tail, turn and head lights were made in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Saturnus tail lights were only on 2012-13 Tomos mopeds (US models), but they have been on European models for decades. 

 Saturnus 2-bulb tail lamp parts, from 2012 Tomos USA Parts Manual.

#  part#  price  qty    description
30  223572  N/A   1  Rear lamp 2012-on
31  044698  N/A   1  Bulb 12V- 5W  BA15S see bulbs
32  044689  N/A   1  Bulb 12V-10W BA15S see bulbs
33  044439  $$1   2  Lens screw ST 3.9×16
34  236963  N/A   1  Rear lamp holder (mount) 2012-on
35  026690  $$1   2  Screw M6x16 button-head allen
36  031509  20¢   2  Washer 6
37  222187  $$8   2  Distance tube 6x10x7.5 (not 6x9x5.5 like pre-2012)
38  219946  $$5   2  Vibration rubber for taillight xxx (same as pre-2012)
39  031925  20¢   2  Washer 6 xxxxxxxxxx   (lower is same as pre-2012)

Saturnus tail light

40  044284  50¢   2  Screw M6x22 xxxxxxxxx  (not M6x20 like pre-2012)
41  217674  50¢   2  Washer 6.4×16 xxxxxxx (not 8.4×16 like pre-2012)
42  030040  50¢   2  Nut M6 self-locking (not shoulder nut like pre-2012)

The fender mount was made to interchange with CEV 9417. The upper 6mm stud on CEV 9417 was very short. That made the special shoulder nut necessary, on 1978-2012 Tomos with CEV 9417. This Saturnus mount uses separate bolts, which are longer. That eliminates the need for a more costly shoulder nut. So Saturnus mount uses a 2mm shorter nut, 2mm longer bolt, 2mm longer spacer. This makes the bolts/nuts 2mm closer to the rear tire.  


8. Fiem Tail Lights

Fiem tail and turn lights are made in India. They are on 2000’s Hero, Pacer and Avanti mopeds.

Fiem tail light