Magura Controls

July 14, 2014

Magura 1975 logo

German flagMagura was founded in 1893 by inventor Gustav Magenwirth as a manufacturer of gasoline motors, hydraulic press pumps and water pressure devices. Since 1923 in Bad Urach, Germany, they have produced handlebars and handlebar controls for mopeds and motorcycles. They are an industry leader, and still produce handlebar controls for all major makes. Since the 1970s, the company has also made many products for the bicycle industry. The name Magura is from Magenwirth and Urach. The logo is from a rotary rack developed in 1930.

Magura is the most common brand of moped controls. There are two main types, the Magura “Wrap Around”, where the throttle cable wire wraps around and attaches to the twist tube, and the Magura “Sliding Block”, where the throttle cable attaches to a block that slides in a spiral slot in the twist tube.

Magura Moped Controls 

Sears Allstate throttle control

Sears Allstate right control

Sears Allstate left control

Sears Allstate left control

Magura “Open Wrap Around” silver controls are used on 1950’s and 1960’s Puch, Tomos, Sears Allstate, and many others. Some are cast aluminum levers, and some are folded sheet aluminum.

Most of these did not have threaded holes for brake light switches.

Ball-end levers began in the 1970’s, for safety.  


Magura late open wrap around right control

Magura late open wrap around right control

Magura black left

Left black housing,
both start cable and
brake cable holes are
plain with bottoms

Magura “Open Wrap Around” black controls were on 1980’s Euro models, but not on US models.

Like the other Magura wrap around throttle controls, the twist tube has a groove that locks onto a tab in the housing. The two are locked together first, then slid onto the handlebar. Once on the handlebar they cannot become separated.

These have a plain hole with bottom, for the brake cable. Most do not have a hole for the a brake light switch.



Peugeot or Not Peugeot: There are two ways to stop the brake cables. The Peugeot way is to have 6mm threaded bottomless holes in the housings with 6mm adjusters stopping the cables. The non-Peugeot way is to have the housings stop the cables (or the inline Magura-type adjuster) with a slotted recess (hole with a bottom) instead of threads. You can convert to Peugeot style by drilling and tapping to M6-1.0 thread. But there is almost no adjustment range (because most of the hole is already too big, 7mm).

Magura wrap around throttle illustration

Magura right control
(with choke trigger)
plain with bottom
for no adjuster or
Magura type adjuster

Magura wrap around throttle threaded brake hole

Magura right control
(with choke trigger)
threaded M6-1.0 for
brake cable adjuster

Magura left housing versions

Brake cable hole versions:
L, threaded bottomless hole (Peugeot)
R, plain hole with bottom (non-Peugeot)











Magura wrap around silver housing

Magura right housing
with brake switch hole,
brake cable hole is plain with bottom

Magura left control Tomos 213706

Magura left control for
Tomos (no start lever),
no brake switch hole,
brake cable hole is
plain with bottom

Magura “Wrap Around” silver controls are used on 1970’s Batavus, Colombia, Flandria, Foxi, Flying Dutchman, Hercules, JC Penney, Kreidler, KTM, Kynast, Murray, Odyssey, Puch, Sachs, Sears, Sparta, 74-85 Tomos, and others. These US models all had threaded holes for brake light switches. Most Euro and Canada models did not have brake light switch holes. 

The brake cable holes on both sides have two versions, M6 threaded bottomless (Peugeot style), or 7mm plain hole with bottom (non-Peugeot style). 

These controls on US models all had ball-end levers except for Sears Free Spirit.



Magura-clone right control

Magura-clone right control

Magura-clone left control

Magura-clone left control
no start lever (Tomos type)

Magura-clone “Wrap Around” black controls are used on 1979-85 Tomos Silver Bullet. They are made in Yugoslavia to be Magura-compatible. 

Black Magura Levers

Magura-clone levers

The brake cable holes are 7mm plain with bottoms. 





Magura late silver left control

Magura late left control

Magura late silver right control

Magura late right control
shown with no grip


Magura “Late Wrap Around” silver controls are used on 1980’s Colombia, Hercules, Murray, Puch, Sachs, 79-83 Trac, and others. The housings are thicker and less rounded. The left has a mirror hole. US models had threaded holes for brake light switches. But most Euro and Canada models did not have brake light switch holes. In these photos you cannot tell if there are brake switch holes or not.

The brake cable holes on both sides have two versions, M6 threaded bottomless (Peugeot style), or 7mm plain hole with bottom (non-Peugeot style). 


Magura late black right control

Magura late right control

Magura late black left control

Magura late left control

Magura late black Tomos right control

Magura late right control
Tomos A3 choke button

Magura “Late Wrap Around” black controls are used on 80-83 Puch Maxi, 80-85 Sachs (Hercules) and others.

The brake cable holes are 7mm plain with bottoms. 




Puch-Magura “Sliding Block” black, used on 78-86 Puch deluxe models. 

Most of these are the early, common kind with a screw on the slider holding holding the cable wire. The cable wire itself has no upper end piece. It  takes a “universal” or “single ended” throttle cable.

Some of these are the late, uncommon kind with no screw on the slider. Instead the cable wire has an upper end piece 3mm “inline barrel” soldered onto it. The cable is specific to that set-up, and is “double ended”.

The brake cable holes are 7mm plain with bottoms.

Puch Magura sliding block controls

Puch Magura sliding block black controls

Magura slide throttle late (no screw on slider) and early (screw on slide)

Left: Slider with a pinch screw for Puch 1978-83
models Maxi Luxe, Newport, Sport, Magnum
(takes a single-ended throttle cable)
Right: Slider with no pinch bolt for Puch 1984-86
all models. Housing has a slot for cable.
(takes a double-ended throttle cable)









Magura Brake Levers

1970’s-80’s Magura-type Brake Levers

Magura Brake Levers (blades):

1  1a, 2a
 folded aluminum 1960’s original “no ball”
2  1d, 2d  folded aluminum 1980’s original “late”
3  1b, 2b  folded aluminum 1970’s original “early”
4  1e, 2e    cast aluminum 1980’s original
5  1g, 2g  folded aluminum 1980’s clone black
6  1f,  2f     cast aluminum 2000’s aftermarket




Magura levers late and early

Magura levers left-late, right-early

It is a subtle difference, but side by side you can see there are two different folded aluminum original Magura levers. The 1980’s “late” right lever, on the left, is longer and straighter than the 1970’s “early” left lever, on the right. When they are not side by side, it is really hard to notice. 

At some time around 1980, the folded aluminum levers changed from “early” to “late”. At around that same time, the grip style changed and the housing color changed from silver to black. When the 1970’s parts ran out, moped dealers replacement parts were replenished with the 1980’s versions. So even back in 1984, sometimes customers had to settle for a black housing instead of silver, or a longer lever instead of a short one. 



1970’s -80’s Magura Parts

#  part #  price      description
00a 101452 $75 right control assy silver, with twist tube #4, no grip
00 101452b $45 right control assy silver, no twist tube #4, no grip
00a 118771 $40  left  control assy silver, no grip
01a 000000 N/A lever used left folded alum. no ball straightened
01b 412501 N/A lever new left folded aluminum early
01c 412501 $25 lever used left folded aluminum early straightened

01d 412501 N/A lever new left folded aluminum late (longer)
01e 412811 $45 lever used  left cast aluminum original
01f 000000 N/A lever new left cast aluminum aftermarket
01g 000000 $25 lever and bolt new left folded alum. Mag.-clone black
02a 000000 $40 lever used right folded aluminum no ball straightened
02b 760169 $20 lever new right folded aluminum early
02c 760169 $40 lever used right folded aluminum early straightened
02d 760169 N/A lever new right folded aluminum late (longer)
02e 414961 $30 lever used right cast aluminum original
02f 000000 $15 lever new right cast aluminum aftermarket
02g 000000 $25 lever and bolt new right folded alum. Mag.-clone black
03a 494240 $20 choke/decomp trigger original, locks-in off bar
03a 494240 $35 choke trigger and spring for early Tomos A3
03b 494240 $$8 choke/decomp trigger replacement, locks-in off bar
04a 309631 $45 twist tube good used, no grip (cable loads from front)
04b 000000 $25 twist tube new Magura-clone (cable loads from back)
05a 055368 $02 insert piece to make throttle stick (slightly)
06a 760014 $02 pivot bolt  Magura 6-to-5 mm
06b 000000 $05 pivot bolt  6 mm for drilled or Magura-clone levers
07a 000000 $01 pivot bolt nut M5 plastic original
07b 000000 $01 pivot bolt nut M5 metal nylock
08a 412871 $07 lever return spring left
08b 000000 $04 return spring right or left clone-type
09a 415771 $03 lever return spring right
10a 401590 $02 clamping screw M6x16 slot head
10b 055369 $02 clamping screw M6x16 allen head (Peugeot)
11a 052551 $04 socket bolt  aka cable anchor/adapter
12a 000000 $10 left used housing silver
12b 000000 $12 left used housing silver no start lever (74-85 Tomos)
12c 000000 $35 left used housing silver threaded (Peugeot)
12d 000000 $15 left used housing black
12e 000000 $22 left used housing late black with mirror hole
13a 000000 $40 right new housing late silver
13b 309900 $40 right used housing silver with notch (74-85 Tomos)
13c 309900 $35 right used housing silver
13d 000000 N/A right used housing silver threaded (Peugeot)
13e 000000 $30 right new housing clone black w/notch (74-85 Tomos)
13f 309900  $35 right new housing late black
14a 055358 $02 left new grip black ribbed
14b 414310 $15 left used grip black waffle
15a 055364 $20 right new grip black ribbed
15b 414300 $30 right used grip black waffle
16a 000520 $14 start lever new black plastic with screw
16b 305991 $35 start lever used aluminum long w/screw (Puch 2-spd)
17a 425030 $02 start cable pinch screw 4mm
18a 454890 $03 start lever pivot pin
18b 000000 $01 substitute screw M4x20
19a 430100 $10 lever substitute for choke/decomp trigger #3
20a 123961 N/A right control assy used slide-type black
21a 311800 $25 right housing new Puch slide-type black no slot
21b 000000 $25 right housing used Puch late-type black with slot
22a 454660 N/A pin that holds twist tube
23a 000000  $3 screw for sliding block (some 78-83 Puch)
24a 311680 N/A sliding block screw type (some 78-83 Puch)
24b 000000 N/A sliding block late no screw (all 84-86 Puch)
25a 311710 $30 twist tube used Magura slide-type plastic)
30a 000000 $20 start lever only left control (Sachs 505 foot brake)
31a 000000 $30 parking brake left control (Tomos 3-wheel moped)






Magura start lever only

30. Magura start lever only
for Sachs 505 (foot brake)

Magura parking brake left control

31. Magura parking brake control
for Tomos 3-wheel moped

Magura parking brake lever inside views

31. Magura parking brake
top-normal, bottom-park










Service Information

The tongue and groove lock together, but only when they are off the handlebar.

Magura Wrap-Around Throttle

As mentioned above, the pieces snap together, but only when removed from the handlebar.

Twist tube: The throttle housing has a tongue that goes into a groove in the twist tube. The two pieces are first locked together while off the handlebar, and then slid on as a unit. Then the twist tube is kept from moving sideways. 

Thumb trigger: Not all mopeds have this, but all the wrap-around housings have a provision for it. This is also called a choke lever or a decomp lever. The trigger has half-circle-shaped posts that slide into slots in the throttle housing, but only when off the handlebar, and in the “squeezed past max” position. Once on, the handlebar prevents it from detaching.

Tomos A3 auto choke thumb button: This button, when pushed in, lets the throttle cable go all the way slack for cold starting.  When it is not pushed in, it allows the cable to stay a little taut for normal idling. Idle speed is adjusted by the tightness of the throttle cable, at the handlebar by the Magura type cable adjuster.

Installing a throttle cable on a Magura wrap around type throttle

Installing a throttle cable on a Magura wrap around throttle


Installing a throttle cable: With an original Magura twist tube, the cable installs from the outer side, just behind the grip. Turn the grip forward to the closed position. Locate where the cable end is. Peel the flange of the grip there back with your thumb, and hold it there. With the other hand, place the sideways barrel end of the throttle cable into the cavity. Lay the wire over the ridge, and wrap it around the curved guide. When pulled taut it should fall into it’s groove. The throttle should pull the wire and move free.

With a Magura-clone twist tube, the cable installs from the inner side. So the twist tube has to be removed. That means the whole throttle has to be removed from the handlebar. But the cable is more protected.  


How to install the throttle cable:















Restoring a worn groove

Restoring a worn groove


Restoring a damaged groove: The curved cable guide groove can become worn in the middle. It can be so bad that the throttle feels like a hack saw, the way it makes a ripping sound, has a rough feel, and sticks sometimes. It cuts through cables. The cause of the worn groove is lack of lubrication. Moped cables and controls need oil occasionally.

The remedy is to re-cut the bottom of the curved guide. The best tool is a masonry hack saw blade. It has the exact width and round shape. The linear saw is moved in a curved motion. The bottom of the channel is visually checked every few strokes, to see what areas need more cutting.


Magura throttle brake and choke cable exposed lengths

Tri-Flow lubricant


Lubrication: Lube the cables and controls with a drip oil, like 3-in-1 or Tri Flow or any high tech lubricant. Tri Flow is thin so it penetrates in and clings to metal, like WD40. But after awhile when most of the liquid drys up, it leaves behind microscopic Teflon particles embedded in the metal surface.   

Making custom cables: Here are the distances of the exposed cable wires, for Magura wrap-around type moped controls.