Contents:    1. Ball Bearings    2. Loose Balls    3. Needle Bearings

Bearings can mean ball bearings, needle bearings, and roller bearings. Needles are just thin long rollers. Ball bearings can mean individual loose balls. Or the balls can be in a ring, separate from the inner and outer races, in a “3-piece bearing”. Or everything can be all in one piece, in a “one piece bearing” or “cassette bearing”, the most common kind. The one-piece bearing shown at left, is also known as “full contact” because the balls touch the races in two wide arcs. It is also called “radial” because the center of the contact area is perpendicular or radial to the rotation. Three of the bearings listed below, Bo15, L17 and E20, are “angular contact” where the contact angle is not 90 degrees to the rotation. Angular kinds are for carrying some side loads as well as radial loads.  


1. Ball Bearings


Versions: Open, Shielded or Sealed 

      ” means open (no shields or seals)
Z    ” means shield on one side only
ZZ  ” means shields on both sides
RS  ” means rubber seal on one side
2RS” means rubber seals on both sides


8 x 22 x 7                                                       608

608-PPP    N/A    open      generic          Tomos A3, A35 2-speed trans cover, front 
608-ZPP    N/A   1-shield   generic    
608-ZZP    N/A   2-shield   generic          skateboard wheel bearing
608-RSP    N/A   1-seal      generic     
608-2RS     $6   2-seal    RCBD China     

10 x 26 x 8                                                     6000

6000-PPP    $6    open    GMN Germany   Tomos A3, A35 2-speed trans cover, rear
6000    PP   $6    open      Nachi Japan     Motobecane rear wheel, right side only
6000-ZZP    $5   2-shield   GMR Korea    
6000-RSP   N/A   1-seal      generic    
6000-2RS   N/A   2-seal      generic    

10 x 28 x 8                                                    16100

16100-PPP  N/A   open      Steyr Austria    Puch 2-speed trans cover rear

10 x 30 x 9                                                     6200

6200-PPP    $6    open      generic    
6200-ZPP    $6   1-shield   KBC Korea      Peugeot 103 SP rear spoke wheel, R&L 
6200-ZZP    $5   2-shield   KBC Korea
6200-RSP   $15  1-seal     SKF Italy         Motobecane rear wheel, left side only    
6200-2RS   N/A   2-seal     generic    

12 x 28 x 8                                                     6001

6001-PPP    $6    open      INA Taiwan     Kreidler 2-speed trans cover, F&R, Jawa 207 middle shaft R&L
6001-ZPP    $6   1-shield   INA Taiwan
6001-ZZP    $5   2-shield   INA Taiwan    for sealed bearing upgrade on 29mm ID wheels (w/1mm sleeve)
6001-RSP    $7   2-seal     ABI China
6001-2RS    $7   2-seal     ABI China       Peugeot 103 SPB F&R mag wheels, R&L 

12 x 30 x 8                                                   16101

16101-ZZP$20   2-shield   generic         for sealed bearing upgrade on 30mm ID wheels

12 x 32 x 10                                                   6201

6201-PPP    $7    open       GMB Korea     Indian, Trac, General, Derbi, others wheels
6201-ZZP  $10   2-shield   Nachi Japan    Tomos, most wheels w/12mm axles, except dual chain rears
6201-ZZP    $7   2-shield   GMB Korea     for sealed bearing upgrade on 32mm ID wheels
6201-RSP   $10   1-seal     NTN Japan    
6201-2RS   $10   2-seal     SMT Japan    

12.7 x 35 x 11                                                 6202-8

6202-8-2RS  N/A   special    generic         Colombia wheels (1/2″ axle)  see
6202-2RS   N/A    w/insert    generic        it’s a 6202 with a smaller center hole

15 x 32 x 9                                                      6002

6002      P$15    open      Steyr Austria   Puch 2-speed trans cover, front
6002-Z     P$8    open      generic    
6002-ZZ   P$8    open      generic     

15 x 35 x 11                                                     6202

6202-PPP    $8    open       generic        Sachs 504, 505, Batavus/Trac (Laura M56) crank R&L,
6202-PPP    $8    open       generic        Vespa (Piaggio), Demm crank R&L, others
6202-PPP    $8    open       generic        Minarelli, Kreidler driveshaft (left), Trac M56 middle shaft
6202-PPP    $8    open       generic        Indian/PC50 crank, left (mag), Vespa rear wheel
6202-ZPP    $8   1-shield    generic    
6202-ZZP    $8   2-shield   generic         Tomos Streetmate-R rear wheel (15mm axle)
6202-RSP   N/A   1-seal     generic    
6202-2RS   N/A   2-seal     generic    

15 x 40 x 10                                                   Bo15

Bo15-PPP    $30  3-piece  FAG Germany  Kreidler 2-speed crank, R&L

15 x 42 x 13                                                   6302

6302-PPP    $10   open        generic        Batavus (Laura M48), Angel/Speedbird (M48 copy) crank R&L 

16 x 42 x 13                                                   6302-16

6302-QR    N/A   special   SNR France       Motobecane crank R&L
6302-QR    N/A   special   FAG Germany     see
6302QR-PPP  N/A   special        SNR Fra
    it’s a 6302 with a larger center hole, with one side more “rounded”

17 x 30 x 7                                                     6903

6903-2RS    $15   2-seal       generic       

17 x 35 x 8                                                    16003

16003-PPP    $20   open      SKF Italy        

17 x 35 x 10                                                   6003

6003-PPP    $10   open       generic  

17 x 40 x 10                                                   L17

L17-PPP    $35  3-piece  Steyr Austria   Tomos A3 pre-1986 crank R&L, Puch 2-speed crank, left (mag),
L17-PPP    $35   3-piece   Steyr Austri   Sears Allstate (early Puch) crank R&L

17 x 40 x 12                                                   6203

6203-PPP    $8    open      generic       Minarelli V1, Morini MO1, MO2, M1, S5K2, Jawa crank R&L,
6203-PPP    $8    open      generic       Garelli 1-speed and 2-speed crank R&L,
6203-PPP    $8    open      generic       Peugeot 102 and 103 right crank
6203-PPP    $8    open      generic       Tomos late A3, A35, A55 2-speed (’86-on) crank R&L,
6203-PPP    $8    open      generic       Indian/PC50 crank, right (clutch), more…
6203-PPP    $8    open      generic        Derbi Variant, Puch 1-speed crank, left (mag),
6203-NR    $10   special    generic       Puch 1-speed crank, right (clutch)
6203-NR    $10   special    generic       it’s a 6203 with an outer clip and clip groove 
6203-ZPP    $8   1-shield   generic    
6203-ZZP    $8   2-shield   generic      

17 x 47 x 14                                                   6303

6303        $10      open     generic       Derbi (pre-’87) crank, right (clutch)

20 x 42 x 12                                                   6004

6004         $8      open     SKF Italy      Morini S5?, Jawa 207 driveshaft R&L, Indian driveshaft L,
6004         $8      open     SKF Italy      Garelli vertical 2-speed right drive shaft

20 x 47 x 12                                                   E20

E20           $25   3-piece  Steyr Austria  Puch 2-speed crank, right (clutch)

20 x 47 x 14                                                   6204

6204         $12     open     generic       Peugeot 103 crank, left (clutch), Derbi (’87-on) crank, right (clutch)

20 x 52 x 15                                                   6304

6304 C3   $10 open balls    FAG Germany    new in wrapper
6304 C3   $10 open balls    SKF Italy    new in wrapper
304 C4 
  $10 open rollers  SKF Germany    new in wrapper 
8304 C4   $10 open rollers  SKF Germany    new in wrapper 

25 x 47 x 12                                                   6005

6005         $15     open     generic       Puch 2-speed driveshaft (left)

25 x 52 x 15                                                    6205

6205         $18     open     generic      Derbi driveshaft, right

30 x 55 x 9                                                   16006

16006        N/A     open     generic       Kreidler 2-speed clutch (right)

30 x 55 x 13                                                   6006

6006         $15     open     generic       Tomos A3, A35 2-speed driveshaft (left)

30 x 62 x 16                                                   6206

6206E C3  $12   open     FAG Germany       new in wrapper
6206E C3  $14   open     FAG Germany       new in wrapper

30 x 72 x 19                                                   6306

6306E C3  $18   open     FAG Germany       new in wrapper

2. Loose Balls

Size    Inch     Each         Applications

1/8     0.125  $0.10     freewheel (rear pedal sprocket than spins free for coasting) 
5/32   0.156  $0.10     steering – Puch Maxi, most other mopeds and bicycles
3/16   0.187  $0.10     steering, Leleu rear wheel (Puch type, spoke)
5mm   0.197  $0.10     steering – Tomos, Puch Magnum, others (heavy duty)
7/32   0.219  $0.10     Leleu front wheel, Puch rear “snowflake” mag (dual chain)
1/4     0.250  $0.10     Grimeca front, Grimeca rear (single chain), others
9/32   0.281   N/A
5/16   0.312   N/A
3/8     0.375   N/A   


3. Needle (Roller) Bearings

A. Type “Open Outer and Inner”

Ø10 x Ø14 x 13(12.7)     $12.00 Ø2.0×10 rollers, 70’s-80’s Honda NC50, Yamaha QT50
Ø10 x Ø14 x 13(12.7)      upgrade from a bushing, for 70’s-80’s Tomos A3, some 70’s Vespa
Ø12 x Ø15 x 13(12.7)     $12.00 Ø1.5×10 rollers, 70’s-80’s Sachs 504, 505
Ø12 x Ø15 x 15(14.7)     $11.00 Ø1.5×11 rollers, 70’s-80’s Derbi, 80’s Minarelli V1, 90’s Vespa Ciao, 90’s-10’s Tomos 035548
Ø12 x Ø15 x 15(14.7)     $11.00 Ø1.5×11 rollers, 80’s Morini M1, MO2, M101, 70’s Morini S5K2
Ø12 x Ø15 x 17.5(17.2)  $15.00 Ø1.5×12 rollers, 70’s-80’s Peugeot 102, 103
Ø12 x Ø15 x 17.5(17.2)  $12.00 Ø1.5×10 rollers, 50’s-60’s Peugeot (superseeded)
Ø12 x Ø16 x 13(12.8)     $10.00 Ø2.0×12 rollers, generic
Ø12 x Ø16 x 14(13.8)     $17.00 Ø2.0×12 rollers, Garelli
Ø13 x Ø16 x 14(13.6)     $15.00 Ø1.5×10 rollers, Motobecane


B. Type “Open Inner”


More to follow…