Info Intramotor

Info Intramotor

Intramotor  made in Italy by Intramotor   Morini or MinarellIntramotor Gloriai

Intramotor (Intramotor-Gloria S.p.A) began in Verona, Italy in 1971, and later moved to Arcole. They made lightweights with 49 to 124cc Sachs and Minarelli engines. 

1976 Intramotor Gloria Verona engine

’76 Intramotor Gloria
Morini Gyromat eng
PV black plastic levers

1977 Intramotor Scout Verona Gyromat engine

1977 Intramotor Scout Morini Gyromat engine
Domino chrome levers

1977 Intramotor Mini Kid Verona Gyromat engine

Intramotor Mini Kid
PV black levers










1976 Intramotor flyer

1976 Intramotor flyer (Euro models)

The Mini-Kid in action. folds up, carries easy

The Mini-Kid in action.
folds up, carries easy


Intramotor was imported to the US by F.G.S. Enterprises Inc.


PV controlsIntramotor components: Minarelli V1 (some Blancos) or Morini Gyromat engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, CEV lights and switches, Domino (some Scouts) or PV controls and levers, Grimeca hubs and brakes, CEV speedometer with LH driver. Scout gas valve is 10×1 male spigot down (or left, or right).